Saturday, February 17, 2007

Joey's Seafod & Grill - Conway

755 Club Lane,
Conway, AR 72034

Joey's Gets a 1 Star Rating! (5 Star Scale)
Joey's came to town several months ago. Had heard it was much like a Red Lobster. Well, I like a Red Lobster and was looking forward to this. My wife and I went to try it out early on a Friday evening. New place and wait was long.
We both are southerner's and decided the first test was to try fried fish of some sort. Expecting more of a catfish type fried fish, we ordered some type of fish and chips.
Well, when it was delivered to the table after a very long wait, it was much like a Long John Silver's fish and chips - but not as good. Hello! We paid three times the price and could have gotten better at LJS. Not going to be back here for a while.
But it is new-we give it the benifit of the doubt. The tea was good but like everywhere it is way over priced.
Well, here it is several months later and we think we will give it another try. We decided that on the diet we were on that we would get the grilled Halibut and the broiled shrimp.
We ordered this with no appetizers and no salads. All of that is extra - and the price was already high. Well as we are waiting on our food, a strange looking man stops at the table and stands and stares for about 15 seconds. At first I think that he is a customer who has started early with alcoholic drink that is soon to come to Joey's by way of private club license.
But then he identifies himself by saying - what you are already finished. Duh! No, we are waiting for our food. Oh - first time here! No! We tried you once before and thought we would give you a second chance. -Hope you find it better this time!
Well - Sorry - It was better but not much. The Halibut was a little thick and slightly tough. It was not obvious if it was grilled or baked in an oven. The Red Beans and Rice were somewhat like beans in rice in a dry paste. Cole Slaw was good.
The other entree - Broiled shrimp was fair, but somewhat rubbery. The new potatoes in butter were fairly good. The steamed vegetables, were much like something that came out of a microwave bag.
Overall - the dining experience which cost $33 + was not that good. -We kept comparing it to Mike's Place where we ate last Friday night. Similar requests for food with excellent results for about the same price.
We agreed to give Joey's one more chance. We are going to go back in a few weeks or maybe months and try their bucket of Shrimp etc.
But if it gets the third strike - it is out.

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