Monday, November 17, 2008

Faby's Mexican Restaurant - Conway

As a part of my blog about Arkansas I try to write a review on restaurants that we eat at. I forget to follow up on this as we eat at several local and others as we move around the state.

One of the restaurants that I consider a hidden diamond is Faby's. They call it Mexican and International cuisine but it is basically a Mexican Restaurant.

The thing about this place is that they actually give you too much food. For Example the wife and I ate their this evening she had an "enchilada al carbon" ala carte. I had the special which was "Taco Locos"

The wifes was a large enchilada with a roast type meat and good sauce over it.

Mine was two large flour tortillas rolled and stuffed with Beef, chicken and shrimp fajita meat along with peppers and onions. Seasoned to perfection. It also came with rice and beans along with guacomole on the plate and a small white cheese dip.

This was enough to fill up two people in itself. However, they also bring you the regular chips and hotsauce - their's is unique - and then they bring you out a small cup of the soup of the day. Sometimes bean, sometimes tortilla, sometimes green enchilada soup but always good soup.

Oh yes when you finish they bring out a small piece of the dessert of the day.

The only thing that could be better is if you chose the soup and dessert. However, it is what they have and is always good.

Almost forgot to mention that their home made tortillas are to die for!

We did all of this with drinks for less than $14.00 total.

A Bargain in itself. - Now excuse me while I stretch out in the recliner - Man I am full.

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