Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Mt Magazine - Autumn in Arkansas

I am thinking about taking a trip to Mt Magazine to see the fall colors. It would be a great place to see the colors and it is obvious that the colors are about to change.

On a work trip in the edge of the Ozarks the other day, there was beginning to be a hint of red and yellows in the hillsides. There is nothing much prettier than Arkansas during fall.

A couple of years ago I took the picture below just north of Clinton Arkansas.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

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Arkansas Razorbacks - Win Again!

The Razorbacks pulled off a big win against Floriday International High School Who would have thought that they could win so big. Final score 58 -10. Yes Arkansas scored big. Had lots of big plays.

Interesting thing though is - even though the defense came up big, if I am not mistaking this is the most this team has scored any many games. I dont understand that. Maybe our defense only looked so good because it was like a high school team.

Well, next week we get to go against a Carolina team that should have been a big game but they lost one that they shouldnt have and now it is not even going to be on TV.

Well - there is always next year and maybe without Houston Nutt!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ever made a smashed penny?

I am always crazy about nostalgia and one of the things that always attracts me is the penny press machine; used to smash, squish, and elongate pennies and foreign coins. You know the the ones that when you get through you have a souvenir of the place you have been.

I remember using a penny machine at Six Flags several years ago. I know that penny is around here somewhere. Man that brings back memories of times gone by. It is amazing how a little thing like a mashed penny could stir the thoughts and memories.

Yes - I remember - we were out enjoying a vacation with the daughter - she is grown now - taking in the rides, the fun the enjoyment. We saw this machine with the big hand crank and the bubble on top that said we could put in a penny and out would come a memory a replica of the train I believe.

Well we did and I guess a memory did come out - cause look at me now talking about it. Boy those were good days.

Well just a few months ago I saw one of these coin press machines. Cant even remember where it was(that memory goes with age you know), but I remember that something about it drew me near and caused me to talk about "Remember When" with my wife.

The next time you see one of these penny machine - make a memory!

Game Day Razorbacks! - Game Day UCA

Well its game day for the Mighty Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas and the great coach Houston Nutt!

Yes - we have on schedule today one of the greatest high school teams in the nation. Florida International. How can this be you ask. Why would we play someone so far away when we have some formidable teams in state that Arkansas could play.

There is the old "Why doesnt Arkansas play Arkansas State" - that would make sense and would draw a crowd.

And now there is the "Why doesnt Arkansas play University of Central Arkansas" Yea - Arkansas might win, but they would see a great quarterback in Nathan Brown. and there would be lots of state interest.

Did I say that I believe it is time for Houston to go.

And by the way - What was that Malzahns name and who was this phantom called Mustain?

my thoughts of Football for now!

Friday, October 26, 2007

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Arkansas Razorbacks - Missing in Action?

Will the Razorbacks show up this week against - Florida International High School?
Will Houston Nutt Call a good play?

Will Peyton Hillis get to touch the ball?

Will Marcus Monk play and risk injuring himself worse against a high school team?

Will Darren and Felix score quickly and then cheerlead from the bench?

Only Saturday will tell? -----------HOW DID THAT PICTURE OF GUS MALZAHN GET THERE!
By the way did I say that we should fire Houston Nutt?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Razorback Miracle - Go Houston...Please!

Miracles do happen. Maybe Houston called Gus over the weekend and learned some new offense. I did not hear much of the game but something happened.

Yes I understand that maybe the opposition wasn't that great -- but Arkansas did win. Unlike times in recent past when they were playing glorified highschools and could barely pull out enough plays to get er done.

Go Razorbacks! Go Darren! Please go Houston!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Gus Malzahan - Ode To Houston Nutt

Gus, Gus, it's Gus , they say
That worried Houston Nutt
Gus, Gus has gone away
To where his own plays he can strut

Well Gus told his Momma on the day he was born
Don't you cry when Houston says I'm gone
You know there ain't no Nutt gonna call my plays
I just got to keep traveling on

Yes, there ain't no Nutt in this whole wide world
Gonna tell me how to call my stuff
I'm just a good coaching rambling man
Singing, Houston Nutt you ain't so tuff

I don't care when the sun goes down
Where I lay my weary head
Tulsa is not such a rocky road
It's there I've gone to lay my head

Gone, Gone, he's gone they say
These words worry Houston Nutt
Gone Gone he's gone they say
They are going to fire Houston's Butt!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Petition - Fire Houston Nutt - Razorbacks Win

Fire Houston Nutt Petition - Hire back Gus Malzahan

We knew that it would soon be out there - Fire Houston. Check it out

You can go to the site link above and see the petition. I am sure that there are others. Because we all understand that Houston is the Problem.

We even find that Drive Time Sports - Rick Shaeffer - sounds a little skeptical. Not as sure of the outcome.

Where do we go from here - Basketball

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Hog Blogger

Found a great Razorback site - Funny - Informative and well written. It is thehogblogger.

Below is a clip from this site: Check it out and check out thehogblogger:
Booing is no longer the issue. The wording on the banner, the color of shirts in the stands, the haters from the north all pale in comparison to the fact that Arkansas is simply not getting things done on the field. Whether we pass on first down and who is injured really doesn’t matter anymore.

What does matter is Arkansas is 0-3 in the conference and now on the verge of losing a great number of its life-long supporters if change is not made. I find it embarrassing that our biggest win in this 2007 season is over Troy.

How can a team featuring the two most potent running backs in all of NCAA football not come up with a game plan that passes effectively just enough to let them showcase their talents? For at least the last two weeks we’ve trailed all SEC teams in completions to wide receivers and tight ends. My experts are telling me that just won’t do.

How can we lead late in all three of our conference losses and tease the fans with a taste of victory only to fold like a two-bit poker player down the stretch when other teams bring it? It’s tantamount to having all six numbers on your lottery ticket matching only to find out it is one week off.

And to top it off, yesterday Houston Nutt incredulously waved his contract at the state announcing that he is to be here until 2012. Does he not get it? Instead of looking at what few things have worked this season and trying to build upon them he instead looks Razorback nation in the eye and dares us to knock him down.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fire Houston Nutt - Hire Gus Malzahn

Here is what Arkansas Should Do!

Fire Nutt - Hire Gus - Run the Wildcat and win 6 games.

It could be done - Arkansas has the talent! They just need some offense!

Reading Tutors at Score Learning Centers!

Reading Tutors are something that can be used greatly in Arkansas. The academic level of many of the students in Arkansas is below the National normal and good reading skills would help tremendously.

Score Learning Centers is a good place to find good Reading Tutors.

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When children receive this type of help with reading, their whole academic environment is opened up - the world is then the limit!

Houston Nutt - You are the Problem

Fans all over Arkansas are outraged. You have two of the greatest running backs in the history of the School and two of the best in the country and all you can figure out to do with them is to run them up the middle - 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

Houston Nutt - you are the problem. Figure it out - Yes your contract says 2012 - but I am surprised -did you have someone else read it to you - it is obvious you cant read.

Maybe last year when all of the text messaging was going on - maybe SHE was telling you what plays to run. If so get HER back. Lets run some Wild Hog or Wild Cat or anything Wild - We arent running anything wilder that maybe looking like three midget hogs in a weiner roast fight. (not sure what that meant)

Houston - you are what is keeping us from having a coach.

Fire Houston Now!

Just my thoughts!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Houston Nutt is the problem!

Please vote on my Fire Houston Nutt Poll on the side of this post.

You may pick more than one choice.

Think it through - Just for fun.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Houston Nutt - Houston We Have a Problem!

Rocket ship - Arkansas Razorbacks taking off into orbit.

Great Astronauts -

Darren McFadden

Felix Jones

Peyton Hillis

Questionable Rocket Fuel

Casey Dick

Great Docking station - out there somewhere

Marcus Monk

Mission Control

Houston Nutt - asleep at the wheel
This is what everyone is saying - Houston does not have a clue how to call the offensive plays. He has hired David Lee to call the plays but does not seem to be letting him do his job.
Many think the the only reason David Lee was hired was to offset the fact the Malzahn left.
Houston really didnt want an offensive coordinator but thought this would keep everyone off his back.
Yes - Houston you are the problem. - Business Matters!

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Arkansas Razorbacks - Fire Houston Nutt Now!

It is amazing how a sports team can appear before season to have so much talent and so much reason to really do good, can become so disappointing.

Prior to this season starting, the Arkanas Razorbacks had the state in a buzz. The team has the runner up for the Heisman last year and has great running back talent surrounding him.

There was a great deal of controversy in the off season about a certain coach and a certain great quarterback potential leaving after last season. There were off season law suits against the coach which all seemed meaningless but yet distracting.

Yes, this team has all the right reasons pre-season to have a great year.

Well, this past Saturday, the team walked into War Memorial Stadium with all the right reasons and talent to kick tale on a small college team that should have not been as challenging as playing a good high school team.

Arkansas squeaked out with a win!

Is there any excitement left to the season - medocrity has got to go.

Give us a coach - Sorry Houston Nutt - I am now officially off of your band wagon.
Lets officially start a Rednecks against Houston Nutt rebellion!
Let Me know if you are in!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Circus is Coming to Town! Peta complains!

No it is not the big Ringling Circus, but it is probably closer to what the original circus was like. The fairgrounds will be filled by the "big top" which is actually pulled up by use of the circus elephants.

Three rings are set up inside the big tent and the animals, clowns and trapeze acts perform.

It is a shame although somewhat funny that PETA has decided to protest. They are saying that the elephants are trained by using cruel instruments such as large hooks or prods to make them learn to do their tricks.

Well, Peta -

Have you ever seen cattle loaded into a chute with a cattle prod?

Have you ever seen a jockey use a whip on the backside of the winning horse around the last curve?

Have you ever seen how fish are caught and realed in with a sharp hook?

Have you ever seen a cop use a taser gun on a rowdy student?

Where are you Peta when a herd of half starved horses that are not being fed is taken by animal services?

Why dont you find a good cause PETA - there is true animal cruelty out there.

Let the Circus Roll!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Willy - Secretary of Agriculture for Texas Fred!

Copied from Willy's Other Blog at Life In America and Hillbilly Willy - Fun Food and Politics

What a privilege it is!

I have been nominated by Texas Fred to be a member of his cabinet in his bid for the Presidency.

I have the privilege in the fact that the original name of my site was Agriculture in America - Since changed to Life in America - as Secretary of Agriculture.

I am a little upset however and would like to make a pitch that as editor in Chief of the blog -
Hillbilly Willy that I didn't get Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Nobody knows doublewides, polyster curtains, and suburban development like Willy does.

Also, Willy is the author of the blog Arkansas -
A great Place to Live. And we all know that Arkansas is the great home of Ms. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Mike Huckabee. What better credentials does Willy need than that to be at Least VP under the Great Texas Fred. Also, I originated in Fred's Home state of Texas. GREAT QUALIFICATIONS FOR WHATEVER!


Here is his list for Cabinet Members:

Vice President: American and Proud
Sec. of Defense: Long Live the Republic
Sec. of State: Jenn of the JungleS
ec. of Education: LittleOleLady
Sec. of Agriculture: Agriculture in America
Dept. of Justice: Bloviating Zeppelin
Dept. of Energy: The Ranando Report
Sec. of Transportation: American Truckers at War
Dept. of Energy: Radioactive Liberty
Veterans Affairs: Charming, Just Charming
Homeland Security: Big Dog’s Weblog
Housing and Urban Development: Big White Hat
Treasury: Isn’t it Rich
Dept. of Labor: Demediacratic Nation
Health and Human Services: ARRA News Service
Dept. of the Interior: Planck’s Constant
U.N. Ambassador: YID With LID
Press Secretary: Basti Says
Presidential Adviser: Isn’t it Rich (My Rove)