Monday, March 28, 2011

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson has come on board as the new coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Mike Anderson's opening press conference was like a religious revival.  Mike Anderson says if he is wrestling a bear, that you better come help the bear.  Mike Anderson says that if he is playing checkers with his grandmother, look out Grandma, I am playing to win.

Mike Anderson is saying all of the right things.  It will be several months to see if he can deliver.

Go Hogs.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rumors Fly on Coaching Search

Depends on who you listen to as to what you think.  

The folks at — the Rivals site for Arkansas — are now reporting the following:

UA will have a basketball coach in the next 48 hours.  I now think it will be Mike Anderson.  This has been a two horse race with Buzz (Williams) and Mike and I now think there will be a press conference either Wednesday or Thursday presenting the new basketball coach, and I think it is Mike.

That from Otis Kirk of the HawgSports site.

I believe that Agent Jimmy Sexton is playing the rumor game to get his client more money.

That is the bottom line.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mike Anderson to Coach.

Good sources close to this blogger have confirmed that Mike Anderson will be announced tomorrow as the next Coach of the Arkansas Razorback Basketball team.

The next question that most will have is the fact as to whether or not the great recruiting class of John Pelphrey will continue to come to Arkansas. 

A source close to this blogger has confirmed that Mike Anderson and Jeff Long have made a possible contact with each and they agree that they will play for Mike Anderson.

There you have it.  Internet Blogger Fact.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness - Arkansas is Mad

Why is Arkansas so mad during March Madness?  Well the reason is that Arkansas now has no men's teams in the tournament.

There is always next year we say.  How many years have we said that.  It has been since 1994 and the Nolan Richardson error of great basketball.

We are now looking for a new coach that can bring us to the big dance again. 

Who will that coach be -  Mike Anderson?  - Don't think so..

What do you think?

Monday, March 14, 2011






Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arkansas, John Pelphrey and Apple Pie.

What do these three things have in common is the question of the day.  Most of you know:

  • Arkansas is a state that loves its Razorback football and basketball programs.
  • John Pelphrey is the current coach of the Arkansas Razorback Basketball Hogs
  • Apple Pie is something that is still liked even after John Pelphrey is fired.
What do you think.  If John Pelphrey does not win the SEC tournament will he still be the coach when Monday comes.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hogs and SEC tournament

Hogs Play Thursday Night in SEC Tournament!

Headlines on next Monday

John Pelphrey - Done - the party is over.  - Get a Coach.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Safe on the Border of Mexico

You know it is safe on the Border towns of Mexico when you read this story. 


The farther south Bart drove, the more worried he became.  He sold 1,000 Mexican steers to a feedyard and they insisted he had to be at the border when the cattle were crossed.  His concern was that with all of the recent border violence, combined with his innate ability to be at the wrong spot at the right time for a disaster, it was likely something really bad was going to happen to him. 
By the time he reached the border town, Bart was as nervous as a deer on a firing range.  With his survival instincts at a fever pitch, he astutely checked into a motel with an adjoining restaurant that was farthermost from the border.  And with a bunker mentality that rivaled Hitler's, Bart vowed that after he had dinner, he was going to seclude himself in his room for the night.  While eating, he struck up a conversation with a guy at the next table. 
"You ever think about moving to a safer place to live?" Bart asked. 
The man replied, "A lot of what you see on the news is exaggeration.  It's just not that bad down here.  My wife and I live in a nice neighborhood, our kids go to excellent schools, and we have good jobs." 
Greatly relieved, Bart asked, "What do you do here?" 
The guy answered, "I'm the tail gunner on a Budweiser truck."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Geko Jokes in Arkansas

I ran onto this copy for a t- shirt – thought it was pretty good.

Hope no one is offended.