Thursday, January 31, 2008

Texas Cowboy and Hillary

This is probably an old joke but is the first time that I have heard it. You can tell by my blog that Hillary is not my favorite person and this exemplifies how I feel about her.


Texas Cowboy

A Republican cowboy from Texas attends a social function where Hillary Clinton is attending, and trying to gather more support for her nomination. Once she discovers the cowboy is a Republican, she starts to belittle him by talking in a southern drawl and single syllable words.

As she was doing that, she kept swatting at some flies that were buzzing around her head. The cowboy says, "Y'all havin' some problem with them circle flies?"

She stopped talking and said, "Well yes, if that's what they're called.
But I've never heard of circle flies."

"Well ma'am," the cowboy replies, "circle flies hang around ranches. They're called circle flies because they're almost always found circling around the back end of a horse."

"Oh," Hillary replies as she goes back to rambling. But, a moment later she stops and bluntly asks, "Are you calling me a horse's ass?"

"No, ma'am," the cowboy replies, "I have too much respect for citizens of New York to call their Senator a horse's ass."

"That's a good thing," she responds and begins rambling on once more.

After a long pause, the cowboy, in his Texas drawl says, "Hard to fool them flies though."

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Mike Huckabee Needs a Miracle.

As I watched the evening news tonight the talking heads were reviewing the Republican Presidential race. In their conversations it was entirely about what states that either McCain or Romney needed to target to win the nomination. There was nothing ever said about Mike Huckabee.

There was conversation about usually when it gets down to two individuals that the religious conservatives gradually meander over to one or the other. However, they do not believe that is happening in this race.

I say to them- lets let Huckabee take the religious conservatives and some of the others and see if we can't still pull a suprise on Super Tuesday.

Who knows miracles do still happen!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

invisibleSHIELD - No more BULKY cases!

Have you ever bought one of those bulky ipod cases to help protect your expensive ipod? Most people have and most who do find that the case is very bulky and usually very ugly. Well, what are you to do about it.

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This is a great solution to the problem that all of us have of wanting to look good but be protected.

Here is what they say about their product---

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Maybe you should get one to help protect your expensive electronic equipment.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Huckabee - Golf and Fishing

Mike Huckabee had the opportunity to get in a few digs today at Romney while visiting a golf course. When given the opportunity to swing a club it was obvious that Huckabee was not a golfer. In fact he admitted that he had not played and that he had only played putt-putt once or twice.

He stated "Does this make me a professional golfer" This was aimed at Romney's claim to being a avid hunter when in fact he has only hunted a few times in his life.

Huckabee is known to love fishing and stated that it is difficult to take a golf ball home and eat it.

Guess I am an avid blogger. Reason is I blog often. I am not good at it but man do I try.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Howard Miller Clocks! - a Great Possession

Howard Miller grandfather clocks are very special clocks. They are unique and invite attention to the detail and glamour of the clock. If I were to have one of their clocks, the one that strikes me most (pun intended) is the Howard Miller Majestic Grandfather Clock. As the name suggests it is majestic in its stature and desirability. It would be something that would stand proudly in the entrance of my home for all visitors to see on first visit to my home. It would provide a conversation piece that would be remarkable.

Anyone should be proud to go to a site like 1-800-4clocks and view and choose a clock of their choice. There they will surely find a clock that might become that piece that is past down through their family for generations to come.
So their is no mistake about it the site for Howard Miller Clocks can be visited by clicking on their name. There you will find the location to branch off into all types of clocks. A great site to visit.
Also they have this great blog called clocksblog. At this blog you will find interesting topics such as "Celebrating the End of 2007 and Wishing for a Better Time in 2008" In that article they discuss how New Year's Eve is one of the times that gives most exposure to clocks. A time when time is celebrated and clocks all over the world ring in the new year.
All of this brings me to the clock that sets on my mantle. It is not a Howard Miller Clock, but it is a special clock. It is the clock that belonged to my parents and in his waining years my father was still very particular about who wound it and how. It has that special place in my heart. Sometimes in the quiet of the evening when it chimes the hours it makes me remember my parents. Clocks are something special.

Obama, Oprah - Ouch!

Ok, this is what scares me. If you saw David Letterman last night you know what I mean. Obama gave out the top 10 list and on it his number one on the list was three words... Vice President Oprah.

Well, hopefully this was a joke but I wouldnt bet on it. I believe he would do something like that.

As I have stated before, I am not sure which one scares me more, Hillary or Obama. They are both idiots and would be the worse thing that could happen to this country.

I am not pushing gender or race in this election. I would just like to have someone in the White House that is more interested in America than they are with themselves.

My thoughts for now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AgentOrganizer - Great Real Estate Software!

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Petrino and the Razorbacks- Hillary and Bill

Okay! I have left the Arkansas Razorbacks alone for awhile but it is time to way in again. I haven't heard the whole story but for some reason it seems that the Atlanta Falcons and ESPN have waded in on Petrino's methods and means of leaving and much to do again about this whole situation.

Well, it seems to me that this is excellent timing. This comes just a day or two after Mr. Vick is sent off to prison and it seems that Atlanta would like to give people something to talk about the Falcons rather than that. So here you go. Bobby Petrino gets leveled on again.

They are saying much the same thing about Bill and Hillary. They are saying that the outbursts that Bill has had recently is to pull some of the attention away from Hillary's problems recently.

OH Well! Politics and Razorbacks - a lot a like.

My Thoughts for now.

Official Mike Huckabee Website Aids Campaign

Mike Huckabee Website Contributes to Momentum

Newark, DE - January 22, 2008 - In this era of Presidential Politics 2.0, a strong Internet presence is no longer a luxury for candidates, but a mandatory piece of the campaign equation. In analyzing the strength of the Huckabee Presidential run and the recent surge in the candidate's popularity, the campaign's website at has emerged as a key element in the race.

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I am a Mike Huckabee supporter and visit this website often. It has been a great aid in providing information for the campaign.

Maybe you should check out this website hosting company .

Run Mike Run

Lets help Mike Huckabee keep in the running for President. It is a shame that our political system is built on big bucks.

Anyone should be able to run on their own merits rather than how much money they can raise.

Lets all get behind Mike and Get this race over the Hump!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Web Hosting Choice - Find a Web Host easily!

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Regardless of your need for a web hosting choice this appears to be a site that can help you out.

Cut Gas Tax - Help Economy?

The Feds took some deep rate cuts today in trying to stimulate our economy. I guess it did help! The stock market only plunged about half as far as it would have it the cuts had not been taken.

They keep saying that they need to do something to put money back in circulation. The proposal comes up to give refund checks of a decent amount back to us in the near future and that if we put that back out that this will help.

My question is - why not do something as inovative as cutting the federal tax rate on gasoline. Wow - what a novel idea. This would put money back in our pockets instantly and give us more money to spend elsewhere. Wonder why the government doesnt think of that one. What is the problem with that.

Columbia Southern University - Online Degree!

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Fred Bows out!

Fred Thompson has bowed out of the Presidential race. Many say that he was drafted into the race by a grassroots campaign and that he was never really into running.

Fred had many qualities that most of us rednecks liked but hopefully this will stop splitting the conservative vote and allow Mike Huckabee to be stronger in the next while.

Huckabee says he is adopting a lean strategy and will concentrate on Super Tuesday and not put much effort into Florida. Hope this is not a mistake.

My thoughts for now!

International Health Insurance Provider

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Much Does Fred Hate Huck

This Headline and first paragraph comes from Slate and a blog called Trail Head

According to CNN's fancy map of South Carolina, Fred Thompson is sapping votes away from Mike Huckabee in the socially conservative north. If that's the case, Thompson probably has a smile on his face.

Well, this turns me off quickly on FRED. If he is small enough to take out the leading contender in the Republican after McCain and not give him a chance seems disgusting. This simply gives the Democrats one up on becoming the Party in the White House.

Come on Fred - Give it up - Give it to Huck!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fred Thompson - Bow Out and Endorse Mike Huckabee

OK Fred Thompson, at one time Willy and the NASCAR nuts backed you 100%. We helped draft you into this race whether you wanted to be here or not. Now as time goes on, it is obvious that you really dont want to be here.

You have some neat qualities such as being laid back, irreverant and sometimes funny but if you dont win South Carolina, and it is obvious you wont, bow out, endorse Huckabee and lets move on.

We need to get everyone behind someone that can win this thing and the Huckster has what we need.

My thoughts for now!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Check out
Chuck is giving a tour of the ranch on behalf of raising money for Mike Huckabee. Check out this video and check out how Mike is going to beat Romney, and others

US Cargo Control - Tow Straps

Do you ever have the need for good tow straps ? I have, and without them you can find yourself in a real jam. I found my self in ultimate need for tow straps just recently. In visiting a farm of a customer, I started to back my pickup truck off of a levy between a deep ravine and a pond. Well, I looked off for just a second and found myself teetering on the edge of the road. I had slipped off the road and become lodged in such a way that the truck, if moved on its own power was going to roll over into the ravine or plunge head first in the pond.

Along came the farmer with hefty tow straps that were attached to the vehicle and to a large tractor. Ultimately we were able to to the truck out of this position and back on to safe ground.

Without that trusty tow straps I would have still been there. Thank you farmer.

Well, the issue is with out good tow straps, ratchet straps and tie down straps many times we would be lost. This website at U S Cargo Control has the straps you need.

Check out this site and dont be caught without the straps that you need in everyday life.

Britney - Inquiring Minds Want to Know! - Why?

I take this blog break from politics, food, Razorbacks and life to talk very briefly about something in the headlines that is very important to all of us.

ABC news wants to know is Britney on the Brink of Suicide. Yes, this is important to all of us. A better question is what about other youth in America. To me it is sad that a young lady of this talent could get so messed up, but it is even sadder that the media and us as Americans "want to know"

Why cant we leave this type of publicity to the privacy where it belongs. Why are we as Americans so possessed with the lives of celebritys.

Some things I just don't understand.

My thoughts for now

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pepperjam Launches Affiliate Network

What is the Pepperjam Network you ask?

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What all of that really says is the PepperJam Network is designed to get web advertisers and web publishers together in a unique way that becomes a win - win situation for both parties. They have been doing this for some time now and the latest inovation that they have is an Ad affiliate network.

Here is there press release about this:


Press Release:

Pepperjam Announces Launch of Next Generation Affiliate Marketing Network

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Check out the Pepperjam Network

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Arkansas Fall and Winter Vacations

Check out this great Arkanas Vacation Web Site. Lots of information here and lots of things to do in Arkanas - a Great Place to live!

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Simply go to to see what it is all about.

My thoughts for now!

Run Mike Run!

What is it that Mike Huckabee must do to maintain momentum in the Rebublican Presidential Primary race? The most recent poll shows that McCain is in the overall lead for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

It’s McCain 24%, Mike Huckabee 19%, Mitt Romney 16%, Fred Thompson 13%, and Rudy Giuliani at 9%. Ron Paul attracts 3% support.

This is a change from a few days ago that had Huckabee leading overall.

Figure it out Mike and lets get it done!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Huckabee Momentum - Check it Out!

Check out the Huckabee Momentum Blog. Great support for Mike Huckabee. Please review this video and click here if you are interested. Mike is the man for the Job. Honest and dependable.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beat the UK Driving System - Great Website has some of the best ideas to use the law to your advantage.

You will find here that most drivers pay little attention to the law. They've heard you can go 10% above the speed limit without getting fined, yet are sketchy on the detail. "Somebody else" said that curling back your tongue when taking a breathalyzer test helped lower the result. "Another person" said that if you simply said nothing, they'd let you off with a warning.

Well, if you want something besides PURE HEARSAY and want to learn from a brand new UK Driving Secrets guide (now fully updated for 2008!) that was written by a retired traffic police officer with over 20 years of experience, then visit this site. This guy knows the business better than anyone. He's at the cutting-edge of motoring law -- and in this NEW, SHOCKINGLY BLUNT guide, he shares secrets that will TOTALLY redefine your understanding of what the Police can actually do.

Want to learn the secrets of how to defeat the speed camera, then visit this site.

This and many more secrets are revealed here.

If you live and drive and the UK, this is the place to go to find out what you need to know.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Winners - McCain and Clinton

Yes, the winners in yesterday's primary in New Hampshire appear to be Clinton and McCain. The losers in yesterday's primary appear to be America, especially if Hillary becomes President of the United States.

However, if it came down to having to decide did I want Hillary or Obama - the choice is clear....Neither. They both spell doom for America. This is putting people in charge of our country who have motives of power rather than motives of helping our country.

McCain would do a good job. However, I do not believe he is the best man for the job.

Vote Huckabee - He will work for America.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Park West Gallery

Park West Art Gallery is home to the largest collection of fine art in the world. Park West Gallery conducts fine art auctions throughout the United States and Canada. They have an affiliate company, Park West at Sea, which conducts cruise ship art auctions around the world.

Park West Gallery® was founded in 1969. It is located on a beautiful 3½-acre site, including a natural pond in the rear with a surrounding walkway and sculpture garden. Their 63,000 square foot building of classical Greco-Roman design is in the style of many museums built in North America in the 20th century. It has exterior galleries of twenty-three works of art which are featured in display windows. In front of the windows is a granite walkway protected by a covered portico supported by stone columns.

Inside this 63,000 square foot facility are 23 spacious exhibition galleries accented with antique furniture and fine oriental carpets on limestone floors. Each of the galleries is devoted to a particular artist or type of art. Every month a new exhibition and sale is mounted and a completely new collection of more than 1000 works fills the galleries.

Each week, over 6000 works of art are cataloged, photographed, custom framed, and carefully checked and registered before leaving our facilities in Michigan and Florida to be distributed to locations and cruise ships worldwide to be included in auctions and exhibitions.

Malzahn, Mustain, McFadden, Jones, Hillis, Spread Offense - National Championship

Lets see....LSU Tigers beat Ohio State easily for the National Championship.

Arkansas Razorbacks beat LSU in its last season Game.

Gus Malzahn of the Tulsa Hurricanes won their game scoring 63 points, while their season consisted of a balanced spread offense which gave as many yards passing as rushing and had the running backs carrying 42 times a game on average.

Frank Broyles said the spread would not work in the SEC.

If Frank Broyles and Houston Nutt had taken the handcuffs off Malzahn and he had stayed at Arkansas...

If David Lee had been given the chance to work with Mitch Mustain.. who should have stayed at Arkansas....

If Gus Malzahn were to have run his spread offense this year using Mitch Mustain, Darren McFadden, Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis...........

Maybe, just maybe Arkansas Razorbacks would be the National Champions.

Just my thoughts for now.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Excel Spreadsheet Software - Recover Passwords

Have you ever used a password in an Excel spreadsheet, needed to make a change later and then could not remember the password. Excel password recovery is a place to go if you have had this issue.

At this website you can have access to software that will allow you to recover those lost passwords.

Here is what they say about their product and it sounds fantastic - I have had these problems and have started the creative process over. Here is their words:

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If you work with password protected Microsoft products then you need to check out this site. It may save you lots of time, money and energy in password recovery.

Kick Hillary in New Hampshire for the good of the Country!

Huckabee concedes that he will probably not win New Hampshire, but he does want to make a good showing. Then there are those articles that state that New Hampshire may be the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton if she does not beat Obama in this primary.

See what none other than the great politicla reporters at MTV state in an article about this and the importance of the New Hampshire Primary:

In the long slog to the Democratic and Republican nominations for president, the surprise wins by Illinois Senator Barack Obama and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee over their more well-financed opponents on Thursday has turned what was a marathon into a dead sprint that could make the outcome of Tuesday's contest more crucial than ever.

So, tomorrow we will see what happens.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Huckabee outrunning his GOP companions

Found this article in the - National News. It is written By Scot Lehigh, Globe Columnist.

I think it says it well about why Mike Huckabee is running strong. Hope New Hampshire wakes up and keeps up the pace.

Here are a couple of quotes from that article:

THE BEST description of what's happening with Mike Huckabee may just be the old joke about the two lawyers who are out on a hike when they startle a large bear. The first lawyer whips open his briefcase, removes a pair of running shoes, and puts them on.

"Do you really think you can outrun the bear?" the second asks.

His companion offers this, ah, grizzly reply: "I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you."

...........Watching him on the stump, it's easy to see why Huckabee is winning notice. Down to earth and likable, he's also an engaging speaker, both smart and funny. And he seems more aware than his Republican rivals that the economy isn't working for everyone.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Varicose Vein Information Website

Ok. Don't laugh because varicose veins can be very serious. The site states the 15% of men and 25% of women are plagued by this problem. It not only looks bad but can be very uncomfortable.

This is why many people seek varicose veins treatment. One of the best ways to seek help is to learn more about the problem from something such as this website, There you can find out extesive information along with having a search function that allows you to search out doctors near you to review this with you.

If you are worried by or need help from varicose veins you need to check this out. Because as I stated in the beginning, varicose veins are not a laughing matter. Get serious and check out this site.

Mike Huckabee - Takes Iowa Caucus

Mike Huckabee feels that he had a great victory in winning the Iowa Caucus. He did overcome great odds to get there. However, the question is can he maintain that momentum into New Hampshire in five days.

New Hampshire will be a different story. Huckabee has faltered on foreign policy recently and this may hurt him.

Great run so far Huck. But this ia a Marathon and not a sprint. Maybe losing all of that weight and getting into shape will pay off.

My thoughts for now.

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Basketball - Arkansas Razorbacks

John Pelphrey had a good idea to keep his players out of trouble over New Years. Yes he had practice from 11:00 to about 1:30. This kept the players under his watchful eye during a time where many have the opportunity to get into trouble. He did this to help set the tone for the new year but also to run herd over his guys.

I applaud the coach for this. He is a little squirrelly looking, looks young, but demands discipline. I believe he will win or the players will die trying.

My thoughts for now.

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Reggie Herring - Head Coach?

Reggie Herring interim Coach for the Razorbacks for the Cotton Bowl is a colorful guy. He even had me convinced that he would make a good head coach...until he coached the Cotton Bowl. It really appeared that he did no coaching that day. It was pretty much a disaster of a performance. The worst case was the fact that Arkansas tried a fake punt and looked really good on one play only to have it called back because Arkansas called a time out prior to the play. Figure that one out.

Well, when asked in the news conference who called the time out Reggie went from a Dr Seuss poem to Laurel and Hardy's Who's on First routine -- you can listen to some of this sound bite on Fox 16 Report of the situation below.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Skateboards and skateboarding

Boy how great it would be to be young again. The website that I just reviewed about skateboards and skateboarding made me think back to my youth of about 12 years old. I was young and living in West Texas but went to visit for a week with my sister in California.

Well, the people in California were way ahead of the West Texans and at that time they had something that I had not seen before...the skateboard. I had the opportunity while I was there to get to be what I thought was pretty good on that skateboard. Yea! Real Good. I mean that I could go about a block down the sidewalk without crashing but once or twice. Man was I good.

Well, what a difference today. I watch extreme skateboarding on Television and I see young men and women turning flips, skating on rails or on stair bannisters. The bowls that they have for skateboarding are marvelous. Man, I thought I was good just because I didn't fall much. These kids are really good.

Well, again as I reviewed the site Wearhouse Skateboards, it gave me great appreciation for the engineering that goes into todays skateboards vs the old boards that we were using back in my day. This website shows you the opportunity to buy all of the parts or build a skateboard as you want it done. It is an awsome website for skateboards and skateboarding.