Monday, November 5, 2007

New Restaurant - Moe's - 7 Stars out of 10

WELCOME TO MOE'S - you here as you walk into the door from the entire staff in unison.
The wife and I had heard lots bout the place in Little Rock but it is now open in Conway.

The line was long and slow as the food is prepared assembly line style right before your eyes.

The food was burritos and quick Mexican. - Kind of a neat - High Class - Taco Bell.

However the food was worth the wait - it was very good and the HomeWrecker Burrito appears to die for. Yes - I believe if I had eaten that I probably would have died.

Appeared to be a big ole fat 2 lb burrito.

In All I give this one a 10. And by the way it is just about 3 doors down from New York Style Deli - who on this day had 3 cars in front and probably two of them were workers.

They were standing out front wondering how Moe's could have a long line and they didnt even have but 2 customers.

Its all in the marketing game guys!

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