Monday, April 28, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees - 4/28/08

Roadside Flowers
We pass them by when they are there.
The beauty only lasts a few days.
The Cell phone decided to take in the beauty while it exists.
Arkansas A great life!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees - 4/26/08

A simple thing such as a single rose on a vine can be interesting.
Today's picture is of a neighbors rose. I was working outside today and passed this rose many times and thought it was interesting that there was a bush with a single rose at the top.
It appeared as if this was the first and the last.
A single rose.
Come back tomorrow to see what the cell phone sees.
Arkansas a great place to live!

Friday, April 25, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees - 4/25/08

This is the chance you take with Cell phone Pictures. I took this with the cloud cover and I could not see the screen to see how it turned out. I may try to enhance later - but probably not. Trying to do the pictures as they come out.

The picture taken is of the Vietnam Memorial for the local county. I pass this a couple of times a week and never stop to take notice. You can see that even today it is an after thought. I just happened to turn and notice. I would hope that this is not the attitude we all have about the soldiers that are defending us daily.

Come back tomorrow to see what the cell phone sees.

Arkansas - a good Life!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees - 4/24/08

Took the day off from work today and about Midday I took a walk around the neighborhood. It is amazing what we find in our flower beds adorning our yards. Took this picture of a Woo - Pig - Sooie hiding in the flowers.

Thought it would make the picture of the day.

Please come back tomorrow and see what the cell phone sees tomorrow.Arkansas a Great Place to live!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees - 4/23/08

Todays Cell Phone picture is not too exciting and a little blurry. Somewhat like my day. Nothing exciting and sometimes a little out of focus. Anyway........

What the Cell Phone sees today is across the fence from my office. Just happen to catch a glimpse across the fence that the doghouse is built off of the house and is brick just like the house. ....fancy doghouse.

Found a little humor in this in a somewhat boring day.

Please come back tomorrow and see what the cell phone sees tomorrow.Arkansas a Great Place to live!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees - 4/22/08

This is the second in a series of daily pictures taken with a Razor Cell phone. Nothing fantastic about the picture quality - just thought it was an interesting idea. Everyone has a cell phone that probably takes pictures and I thought it would be interesting to chronicle at least one thing that 'My Cell Phone Sees" each day.

Today's picture came from an area event called "Farm Roundup". The County Extension Service along with many volunteers puts this on each April. The idea is to try to educate the young people of the county about where there food etc comes from. All of the second graders in the county are given the opportunity to come and experience things like chickens, goats, cows, bees and even getting to milk a cow or rope a calf. Great idea. My company cooks hot dogs to feed the volunteers.

The picture opportunity today came as I was leaving the event to get the leftover hotdogs in a refrigerator. Therefore, the event was still ongoing as I was leaving. I saw this particular exhibit where the local dairy coop had a milk cow and was telling about milk from the cow to the table. I stepped out and took the shot.

The interesting thing is what the Cell Phone Sees that I didn't. Check the right of the picture. Squatted down is another photographer deep in the composition of a picture. The cell phone caught him taking a picture and I had no clue when the shot was snapped.

Please come back tomorrow and see what the cell phone sees tomorrow.

Arkansas a Great Place to live!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What the Cell Phone - sees! - Cell Picture a day!

This is the beginning of a series that I am going to try for a while along with other things on this blog. I have seen recently where people will do -picture a day etc. Most of these are done with there expensive digital cameras and look real good.

I am going to try "a cell phone picture a day".

I have a motorola razor and the picture quality is not the best. I will be experimenting with close and far away shots and just see what I can come up with.

If you have an exceptionally good picture taken with your cell phone, please let me acknowledge it here.

The picture today - April 21, 2008 is taken from the road beside Lake Beaverfork in Conway, Arkansas. I travel this road many times as one of my routes to my daily job. I don't fish much, but wish that I did. As I passed today about 7:30 AM, I saw these two fishermen taking in the lovely day doing what I believe would make for the start of a really great day.

Well, I went to work anyway.

Please come back tomorrow and see what the cell phone sees tomorrow.

Arkansas a Great Place to live!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Arkansas - Great Place to Live

Arkansas really is a great place to live. A previous post that I made talked about it some but also talked about the apsect of the spring season also being a time for allergies. Well, this is being written on April 18th and so far my allergies are at a minimum and I am truly being able to enjoy the spring. All of this is thanks to a new allergy nasal spray called Veramyst.

Yes, spring is beautiful in Arkansas. The Azaleas are blooming everywhere. Then dogwood trees are blooming and other plants and trees are blooming all over the hills. It is a pleasant experience just to drive out through the area. Sometimes it is easy to forget what the days assignment is and be caught up in the beauty of God's wonder.
Then reality sinks in and I go back to the tasks at hand. But what a relief it is to have the beauty to view and to see nature in all of its grandeur.
Also, forgot to mention that many deer and turkey are moving about. Saw 5 dear moving across a rural woods area. What a delight to see the graceful animals moving across the area unaware that human was watching.
My thoughts for now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coming out of My Shell with

Talking about coming out of your shell, watch this video and I will tell you how I almost turned my shell inside out because I was not aware of the dangers or problems that could exist with eating raw oysters. Well, I have learned from this experience that eating raw Gulf oysters can taste great and turn out bad. You can also find out what I have learned at

Watch this video entitled "Coming Out of My Shell!"

Arkansas Razorbacks

They say that Bobby Petrino is tough on the Hogs during workouts. It could be that they are just sissys because they were used to the powder puff workouts of Houston Nutt.

Maybe we will be tough enough to win the hard ones now.

Spring game soon

My thoughts for now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Premium Designer Shingles from GAF ELK

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It all begins with quality roofing and with a premium Designer Shingle from GAf ELK.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Michelangelo's Italian Restaurant - 5 out of 10 stars.

Michelangelo's is another downtown eatery masterminded by the same owners of Mike's in Downtown Conway Arkansas. This one is a very classy dining establishment. The atmosphere is very upscale and quaintly done in an old established landmark building.

However, this is where the mystique ends. Past the atmosphere there was nothing really going for this one. The food was adequate but one plate had to be sent back because it was not even luke warm. The service was adequate but nothing spectacular.

In all it was an adequate dining experience. Granted they had been open only a few days and maybe had not worked all of the kinks out.

This is not one that we will frequent often.

This one gets 5 stars on a 10 star scale.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Christy Sports - Hot snowboards by Burton

What is a Burton and what do they make you ask. Well, if you have to ask it means you know nothing about snowboarding.

Anyone familar with snowboarding knows that Burton has been a leading manufacturer of snowboard gear since the beginning. Burton snowboards, is the world's first snowboard factory. It is a rider-driven company and it is solely dedicated to creating the best snowboarding equipment there is. Burton's complete drive has to do with snowboarding. This is evident by their commitment to involve riders in every step of the product development process. What other snowboard manufacturer has that kind of committment to the end user?

Burton Snowboards and many other Burton products can be found at

If you are into winter sports and especially snowboarding you need to check this out!

Bill Self - Still Talking to Oklahoma State

Don't believe everything you read.... Bill Self is still talking to T Boone Pickens and Oklahoma State. Billy Gillespie is still on the ropes at Kentucky and if the dominoes fall John Pelphry will be at Kentucky next year.

Here are the players.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coaching Changes

Hillbilly Willy who seems to know everything that goes on in coaching rumors has given me this great info. He says:

  • Billy Gillespie is leaving Kentucky because the administration hates his guts.
  • Bill Self is absolutely going to Oklahoma State because T Boone Pickens says so!
  • John Pelfrey is talking to Kentucky. Go figure.
  • Nolan Richardson is still an angry Black man
  • Golf is a tough game but Tiger the cusser knows how to handle it.

Monday, April 7, 2008 website launch is a new Stock Market Investing News website that brings together the best articles from the world of contrarian investing with breaking financial news.
What is contrarian investing you ask: Well, it is contrary to the norm.
Their statement is exactly this: is a financial news and opinion website with a twist. As investment guru Rick Rule puts it, “You are either a contrarian or a victim.” In the financial world, most people are losers because they just don’t know what game they’re playing. They think they can just get “into the market” along with everyone else, do what everyone else does, and they will make money. Not likely. By the time you’ve paid commissions, spreads, fees, taxes – and suffered the consequences of inflation – you’ll be very lucky just to have as much money as you started with. is a contrarian site, in the sense that we provide ideas, opinions and recommendations that often run counter to the mainstream financial press. We do this not just to be contrary, but because we’ve realized that Rick is right. You don’t make money by following the crowd; you make money by leading it.

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So, don't you owe it to yourself and follow their advice. If you are looking to get into the stockmarket go to their site and get the latest news, find articles about investing and find out how you might make money going against the trends.
A great site that everyone in investing should check out.


The weather man says more rain tomorrow. I dont believe we need more rain. Come August we will wonder why we ever said stop the rain. In West Texas where I used to live and received 18 inches of rain a year we watered our yards all the time. When I moved to Arkansas and received an average of 50 inches a year, I swore I would never have to water again.

The first year in August my grass burned up. It is all relative as to when the rain falls.

Right now we have too much. In August we get too little.

Go figure.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Gratitude Campaign

I am putting this on all of my blogs. It probably has been out there a while but I think it is great for us to simply say thank you!

Try it and see if it isn't easier than you think!

Become an X-Ray Technician!

One of the things that I have noticed more lately is the presence of an x-ray technician in most medical settings. Then in thinking about it I realize that most everything done medically requires the use of x-rays and without the trained x-ray technician we would be pretty much lost.

Well that means that jobs in the x-ray technician field must be very lucrative. A web site that you can research this type of job can be found at This site will give you all of the information you might want to decide if this is a career for you. It talks about the Job Description, the Work Environment, the Education and Training Requirements, the Salary Range, and the Job Outlook.

Check it out!

Why I Like Arkansas

I like Arkansas because in the springtime it is a beautiful place. As I write this blog post the azaleas are beginning to bloom, trees are putting on their springtime dress of flowers, and all the hills are turning to green.

The weather has been strange. The past few months has featured tornadoes that have hit major areas. Floods have been close to record amounts and places that have never seen water are very wet. My yard is like a sponge that is laying in water.

My alergies are flaring up. They eyes are itchy and watery. The sneezing and sinus headaches are approaching.

Yes, Spring in Arkansas is a beautiful time. I just thank the Good Lord that I am here to enjoy.

And that aint no lie!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Advanced Communications and Maintenance

With over 25 years experience in the telecommunications field Advanced Communications & Maintenance, Inc. sells, implements and supports digital phone systems, voice messaging systems, both business and residential voice/data cabling, and telecommunication accessories. While serving the New England area, their comprehensive portfolio of communications solutions addresses the needs of small, medium and large enterprise customers, enabling them to solve their business problems quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Communications & Maintenance (ACM) recognizes that every customer’s telecommunications needs are unique and critical to their organization’s success. However they also find that most customers want the same thing from their telecommunications solution; minimal downtime, high quality services, and maximized return on investment. Their NEC Certified Technicians provide for minimal downtime and ensure “on time/on budget” project implementation. As an NEC Certified Reseller ACM’s technicians are continually training in the education of telephone systems to bring the most recent knowledge and modern equipment available to our custoers.

Their services range from systems installation, maintenance contracts, 24 hour on site repair, relocation services, secure remote systems administration and onsite custom training programs.

So if you have the need of a business phone small system voip type operation then you need to check out this website. I could save you money and time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Preacher and Obama

Most of you have probably seen at least parts of the following video. Be aware, it has some bad language and some racist language. Watch at your own risk.

However, the reverend tells it like it is against Obama.

Grandfather Clock - Make Memories!

What can be more exciting than to have the presence of a great looking grandfather clock in the entrance of your house or to have that one of those great unique mantel clocks sitting above the fireplace for all to see. Having grandfather clocks, or mantel clocks are great memories that the kids and grandkids will remember in years to come.

But the thing to have is something that looks great and has another uniqueness about it. That might be something like one of the great looking atomic clocks. How cool will that be for you grandkids someday to look back and see that great looking clock that made memories around your home and how it was so accurate and so great looking.

Yes, at you can find grreat Seth Thomas Atomic Clocks and Howard Miller Atomic Clocks. That is the type of clock that I want. These atomic clocks are sweeping the world. These Atomic Clocks provides great ccuracy for time clocks. Atomic Clocks, sometimes referred to as Radio Controlled Clocks, pick up the low frequency radio signals from the Cesium Atomic Clock Time Keeper in Fort Collins, Colorado. This radio signal covers the entire USA and the Atomic Clock time is set by the National Institute of Radio Standards. This atomick Clock will even adjust automatically for daylight savings time.

So, you tell me. How much fun will it be to take an atomic clock and tell the kids and grandkids about how cool it is and how it never needs to be set because there is that signal coming from somewhere that keeps it accurate to the utmost.

I want one of those Atomic Clocks. Check out all the other types of great clocks.