Saturday, May 30, 2009

American Idol - Kris Allen - Stoby's Cheese Dip!

Well, I shouldn't admit but some mornings when my wife is going in late to work she will talk me into doing the same. We will take the extra time to eat out at breakfast, something we rarely do.

We often chose Stobys restaurant which is a little hole in the wall sandwich shop. They have one of the best breakfasts going. Again, a little pricey but very good.

Biscuits and Gravy for the wife. Eggs over easy, hash browns, biscuit gravy and jelly for me. Very good.

Also, the place Kris Allen of American Idol - mentioned - he ate there when he came home for a visit. They gave him cheese dip for life.

If you have never eaten Stoby's Cheese dip - you are missing it. Ask Kris Allen.

8 out of 10 Stars.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Web Hosting Geeks - or Guru's?

Everyone should check out to see if it might truly be the best web hosting informational site out there.

Well, I have checked it out and find that not only does this site tell you about the best web hosting sites out on the internet, it also tells you about where and how you can get free domain names. How great is that.

Well the real truth is that their is a host of all kinds of information on this web site. It states that it has been giving Web Hosting Reviews, Rating and Awards since 2004! Can you believe that? Well, that makes this an site that is very valuable if a person is looking for a host that can handle multiple sites with ease or looking for multiple other things that are available.

The answer to all questions is to look no more. This site has about all of the information that one would want to find out about web hosting. This site can lead you in the right direction to get the best hosting for what your needs are.

One interesting article was the one below that I found very interesting. Go there and check it out and all of the other great information.

Web Hosting Security at Risk: Are you?

Check out to see if it might truly be the best web hosting site out there.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank You!

To those who are serving, have served or will serve - Thank You.

To those who have lost loved ones serving to preserve our freedom - Thank you!

We are the land of the free because of these.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rain Gone?

We have finally had two beautiful spring/summer days in Arkansas. It is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful state.

Great to be golfing - Great to be fishing - even ok to be mowing the yard.

Hope the rain stays away a while - Until August.

Those are my thoughts for now.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arkansas Natural Hazards

"Flooding and Arkansas, unfortunately, seem to go hand-in-hand. Of the state’s past 33 Presidential disaster declarations, 22 have involved a flood. That’s two out of every three."

That lead story from KARK 4 News tells it all about flooding in Arkansas. The last few days tells the rest. The facts are what lead me to say that Flood Insurance is an important thing to have in Arkansas!

Federal Coordinating Officer Mike Moore of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states:
"Both the history of flooding in this state and the many floods throughout the midsection of our nation are reminders that flooding is a serious risk to Arkansas residents and the economy," “Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage and less than one per cent of Arkansas residents and business owners have flood insurance.”

When was the last time you saw something flood that you did not expect to flood. Do you need flood insurance? Look outside your window right now if you are any where near central Arkansas.

The rain is coming down! Only last weekend it rained anywhere from 3 - 8 inches depending where you are at. The ground is saturated and there is more rain falling. Predictions have the next rain at possibly another 3-5 inches in certain places. Where will the water go? Hopefully not in your house. If it does YOU WILL BE DEVASTATED!

I am not trying to be gloom and doom - just a realist.

All I can say again is that flood insurance could be very important to you and if you have any desire to find out more you should check out your needs for this insurance.

Success is in the Eye of the Fan!

Things are already heating up about next season for the Arkansas Razorbacks. I am talking about football and basketball.

In Football fans are seeming the think that coach Bobby Petrino has everything going his way and will have a fairly good season. At least some think that. Others are more skeptical and others are more optimistic.

Then their is Basketball. Fans are saying there that this is the year that Pelphrey better have it going right. If not they are saying it is time for another coach.

Question is - Where could we get one that seems to embrace Arkansas tradition like John Pelphrey.

The success is in the eye of the fan!

Outdoor Fun?

Blackhawk SERPA - Holsters, hats, gear of all kinds. Talk about outdoor fun, what could be more fun than having all of the tactical gear that you can get your hands on.

Well, this is the site that can help you do that. If it has to do with Police gear, holsters, good canvas gear and just about anything else of this kind, this website has it.

Look no further here it is - fun - come and get it - I think!

That is my thoughts for now!

Razorback Baseball

How many of you watch the Hogs baseball.

How many of you believe they have a chance to make it to the College World Series.

I believe that they will rally and be a great contender. - They almost have it together.

Stand by for more.