Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 - BRING IT ON!



Sunday, December 30, 2007

To the Mike Huckabee Critics

It does not take a man who knows everything about everything to be President of the United States. It does take a man who can manage the people with the knowledge and then come to the right decisions.

Huckabee may not be the best when it comes to foreign affairs. But he will put the best people possible around him that do know those things and use those people to make the right decisions.

I pity this country when we believe that a President must have a snap answer and knowledge about everything. That person will make snap decisions that will harm this nation.

Vat Reclaim and Refund

Why would you be interested in a vat refund ? Or better yet what is VAT?

Well, VAT (Value Added Tax) can be compared to a sales tax, it levied on the expenditure of consumer goods and services and business transactions, which is paid by the consumer at the point of purchase in many overseas countries. This is now a major source of revenue for the government in several foreign countries.

For individual consumers, it’s a straightforward tax, paid at the point of purchase. For businesses, though, it’s a pretty complex system. However, put in simple terms, companies pay VAT on their purchases (known as input tax) and charge VAT on their sales (known as output tax).

Imports and exports are also subject to VAT regulations. When you import goods from outside the European Union (EU), you must pay VAT on them. Exports to other EU countries and non-EU countries are normally zero-rated.

So the answer to your interest level in vat refund procedures may differ if you are an individual or if you are a company doing business with foreign countries. This can be a major expenditure for a business and my understanding much of this can be recovered if you know how to do so.

This is where the company Global Tax Reclaim Ltd. comes into play. They are experts in recovering this tax for companies and could possibly be something that a company would want to study and resolve as soon as possible.

In short, Companies can reclaim VAT that is paid in other countries for many transactions that they are unaware of while at trade shows or travel for employees. Check into it now for your companies benefits.

Go Hogs - Pick Cotton

Only two days to the Cotton Bowl and all hog fans are excited. Darren McFadden has all but been cleared of his Escolade Escapade. Reggie Herring is still intact and doing a good job.

Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has given a pep talk to the team. Frank Broyles is in the wings for his last farewell talk to the team.

Peyton Hillis has tweaked a ham string but will be ready to go and will be a vital part of the game. Marcus Monk is well.

The team is ready.

Go Hogs!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Decorate all year with LED Christmas lights

I can't say enough about how great the Christmas lights were this year. I believe it has to do with the extended use of the newer LED Christmas lights . They look marvelous. The question is why can't we see and use more of these type of lights all year long.

Think about it. These LED Christmas lights could be used for various decorations. They can be used for parties, weddings, and with added colors they could be used for other holiday themes. And what is even greater is how cost effecient these lights are to use. Fact - The cost to operate 2000 LED Christmas lights for 8 hours a day for 365 days is about $50. How great is that.

Then why wouldn't someone want to use these more. I am not sure the answer to that one.

Just think about a great outdoor party around the 4th of July. Outside lights decorating trees and landscape would only add to the festive atmosphere of the party.

Sounds like something everyone should try. I am going to look at ways to incorporate more of this type of lighting into my year round decorating and landscaping themes.

Petrino and the Cotton Bowl

Coach Petrino is playing a major part in the Cotton Bowl. Wait a minute you say. I thought Reggie Herring was coaching the Cotton Bowl. Well, he is.

But Petrino has been recruiting Texas hard and showing the boys down there what they can look forward to with him coaching. There are several Texas ties to the players on the Arkansas Razorbacks team and Bobby Petrino wants recruits to see them play.

Reggie Herring is taking on the roll of head coach very well and he is going to give Petrino and the others something to look at. The offense is going to be set free and the scoring will happen.

Reggie Herring will be going to Texas A & M after the game and he wants to put on a show for them. Look for Herring to be a head coach in three years. He is good!

Romance and Love - Important things in Life!

I miss you is something that I say to my wife often whenever we are apart. We try not to be apart often but over the 29 years of marriage has happened more than we like. Why do I use those words when we are apart? Well, it is because when you are away from the love of your life, your best friend and confidant, you truly do miss her.

It is those times when you are far apart, wishing that you can be together that you really miss the romance that is found in a wonderful marriage. Romance that comes not from the really crazy things that you do, but the romance that comes with the comfort and security that you offer each other.

But the thing that I do find and realize when we are apart is the fact that I do not do enough of the romantic things that I should do to spice up everyday life. The things that I should want to do just because I love her.

What are some of these things. Well, how about romantic love letters. This is a lost art and something that should not be that hard to do if we would simply put into words the things that we really feel in our heart --if we just stop and think.

Or what about reading a love poem to your wife, or even better write a love poem to your wife if you have any poetry ability. That is a lost art in itself.

Another thought is just the simple art of holding hands. Have you held hands with your wife in public lately. Let her know that you love her. Simply holding hands will let her and others know that you really care.

What I am trying to say is that if your wife is truly the love of your life, then this is something that you need to let her know each and everyday. It does take some effort, but the effort is worth it.

My goal is to make this a priority in 2008.

Ode to Darren and the Cotton Bowl

The Hogs are in Dallas for their big roll.
We think they're going to win the Cotton Bowl.
The really big question we have today
Is will McFadden be allowed to play.

Did the agent buy him an Escolade
Or is it just a loaner to drive in the Parade.
Did his mama take a cash advance
That will keep old Darren out of the dance.

We think it is all just a bunch of trash
Darren is a great kid that critics try to bash
Yes Darren will go and Darren wil Run
He will beat Missouri and have a lot of fun!

Ring of Kerry Ireland

Have you ever been to Ireland? The Ring of Kerry is probably one of the areas that you visited if you have been there. I have not had the opportunity to go there but my wife and daughter took a 14 day trip to Ireland. They say it is gorgeous. However, they heard about the Ring of Kerry but it was not on their itinerary.

Here is what is said about this beautiful place.....

The Ring of Kerry is probably Ireland’s most popular scenic drive. This web site is mostly about walking, so there are many great walks that are talked about off the Ring of Kerry, often along the Atlantic coast.

It is possible to use any of the towns along the Ring as starting point as it is a circular route. From Killarney take the N70 to Killorglin along the side of the River Laune. Killorglin is known worldwide for its annual horse and cattle fair, the “puck Fair”. Continue on to the picturesque village of Glenbeigh a popular holiday destination for families due to the Blue Flag beach, which is located just beyond the village at Rossbeigh.

The cliff section of the road between Glenbeigh and Cahersiveen offers spectacular costal views. Visit the Barracks Heritage Centre, which is superbly located in the former Royal Irish Constabulary barracks.

Well the narration about this beautiful area could go on and on. The point is if you want to know about Ring of Kerry or other great walks in Ireland you need to check out this website.

Drama on the Hill - Darren McFadden

The drama is back in Arkansas Razorback football, or has it ever left. Now their allegations that star running back and Heisman trophy runner up Darren McFadden was helped by an agent, Mike Conley.

Conley animately denies the allegations. It appears that someone has leaked to the press that he was seen in Fayeteville buying a car with Darren and putting in his mothers name.

Conley says he has not been in that part of Arkansas in a while.

We will wait and see.

Darren - do you want to pick some cotton?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Discount Inkjet Cartridges

Do you ever find that you have problems finding compatible ink cartridge replacements. Well, if that is the case you might want to visit the the website. You will find that this website lists many online stores that sell ink cartridges and laser toner at great prices. It appears that many of these are up to 80% off of retail pricing. Also, to top this off, the site also lists coupon codes and discount promotions for these stores, so even more can be saved.

The website also has helpful information about the different printer brands such as Dell Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Brother. There are also helpful articles with tips on conserving ink or suggestions for finding and fixing your printer problems.

Inkjet and toner cartridges are very expensive so finding quality printer supplies at cheap prices can really help many people.

Check out this site today.

Christmas Aftermath -

Yesterday was a different sort of day.  The weather early started out very nice with sunshine and the appearance that it was going to be a gorgeous day after Christmas.  This would make it a great day to put in about a half day at work, then meet up with the wife and do a little of the after Christmas shopping and eat a nice lunch.


Well, by noon the weather was cold and was overcast.  By three o’clock there was a slight mist in the air.  Many places just in the edge of the Ozarks were reporting snow as well as some in the River Valley.  As we began to do a little of the shopping it began a cold rain.  Well, this put a damper on shopping real quick and we took care of what we had to do and then decided to take it to the house.


The rest of the day was spent with the wife reading and me on the computer.  As nightfall came the idea approached to take down the Christmas tree.  This is a real chore.  Putting it up is sometimes fun with the memories that are associated with each of the ornaments and laughing and thinking back to Christmas past.  But now as you take each of those ornaments off and put them in a box and take off the trim (thankfully we leave lights on the artificial tree) and put everything away, it is a real chore.


Then comes pushing the limbs together, tying string around the tree to hold it in as tight a position as possible.  Wrapping plastic and then a tree wrap around the tree is the next chore.  Then we have to carry everything, including the tree out to the garage and put everything in storage.  The tree goes in the closet in the garage.  All of the ornament boxes go up the small ladder into the attic above the garage. 


Wow what a chore.  Did we really enjoy Christmas?


You bet we did!


My thoughts for now!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Energy Efficient Landscape Lights

landscape lighting and outdoor decorative lighting used to be reserved only for fancy commercial buildings and luxury estates. Well not any more!

Improvements in technology and reduction in manufacturing costs have made landscape lighting and outdoor lighting an option for everyone, even me. I am going to use this type of Landscape lighting because it can add value to my home and also providing added security by illuminated the area outside my home. By installing this lighting it becomes a deterrent to would-be thieves.

And what is even as important is that energy-efficient lighting options such as LED landscape lighting can be used cost-effectively year-round. The new LEDs typically cost about 90% less to operate and will last for 50,000 hours or more. Landscape lighting added to your yard can be used to highlight your walkway, decorative trees, or just expand your outdoor living space by adding some energy-efficient lighting.

LED landscape lighting also offers greater flexibility for installation because the lights can be placed at great distances from the transformer without any problems of voltage loss. LEDs have also made solar landscape lighting products a viable and reliable option.

So as you think about what you might do to improve your home, think about LED landscape lighting. It can really be a great improvement.

Back on Track

Anyone out there having trouble getting back on track. Take a few days off around Christmas along with two days for Christmas and it is sure hard to want to go back to work.

It is especially hard wanting to work when you have two days off at Christmas, work one day and then take off until January 2. I am not sure why I am working that one day except that I have to have the office open and the secretary needs the day off.

Boy, when January 2 comes along I may have forgotten how to work.

Well, it is still a few days before I have to get back on track.

Weight Loss Diet Help

I am one who has struggled with weight all of my life. Lets face it - I love to eat. Due to this I have tried many diets both good and bad ones over the years. Yes, there are many diets, weight loss plans and life changing plans out there to help you lose weight.

The question is, which ones are the best to help me accomplish weight loss success. The optimal words here is "to help me". As stated there are many plans out there but what is important is which one will help you as an individual and will work around your lifestyle and personality.

Well, this website is about getting help in choosing and evaluating many different plans. It may be that Medifast might be the plan for you. If it is there is information, links and coupons to help you out.

However, you may find that NutriSystem, South Beach Diet or maybe Weight Watchers would be your choice. If so, guess what. There is information on this website for all of these.

This website also provides helpful articles such as "Easy Tips to Lose a Pound a Week" and many more. In short - this is an excellent website to help you chose the right plan and to help you motivate toward a healthier weight and weight loss.

Please take a look!

Christmas - Evolves

Christmas changes over the years. When we are kids we wait with anxious anticipation for the gifts and the fun. As we grow older we evolve into the fact that we enjoy the gifts and family but it is not an anxious, get up early type of deal.

As young parents (many years ago), Christmas became a time again of some great anticipation as the kids are young and they have that vibrant anxiety waiting for the big guy to come. Then the kids grow to the stage of "just get me the gifts" and some of the fun and anxious times go away again as a parent.

I am now at a stage where the child is grown and married and we just simply cherish the time that we can spend with them as they manipulate a difficult schedule to be everywhere they need to be during the holidays. We are only one of four who share tem now when you consider their grandparent.s This is when the heart strings tug a little.

You begin to wonder why it cant be like it used to be. But then you think and someday there will be other precious little feet running in their household to see if santa has come. We would be grandparents then and anxious anticipation for us can again be instilled.

Yes, Christmas evolves over time. We have to adapt and change with it.

LED Christmas Lights - Wedding Decorations

This week will be adorned with the chores of things like taking down the Christmas tree and then the Christmas lights. Yes, Christmas is over and we take down those joyous Christmas lights with the thought that the lights are fun and surely there are other things that we can do with things like led lights and rope lights.

Well, the idea is beginning to spread that things like this can be used for many great occasions as other holidays and even weddings. Yes, just think of the benefits of using LED string lighting or rope lighting for wedding decorations. LED string lights come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, are durable so they won't break or fail during your celebration, and they consume 80% less energy than standard incandescent lights. These light are also much easier to work with and install as you can connect up to 125 strings end to end with just on plug.

These lights are also great for wedding planners, hotels, banquet facilities and other similar venues that frequently use lighting for weddings and other events. The LEDs will save a lot of money on electricity, maintenance, and product replacement costs.

Great idea, right?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas





Pope and Hillary

Excuse me for passing along an occasional joke that I get through email, but sometimes they are too good to pass up. This one especially struck a funny bone since I am so against Hillary. I believe she may be something that we will regret greatly for four or eight years if she gets elected.

However on to the joke.

The Pope and Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) are on the same stage in front of a huge crowd.
'Her Thighness' and His Holiness, however, have seen it all before, so to make it a little more interesting, the senator says to the Pope, 'Did you know that with just one little wave of my hand I can make every democrat in the crowd go wild?'

He doubts it, so she shows him. Sure enough, the wave elicits rapture and cheering from every democrat in the crowd. Gradually, the cheering subsides.

The Pope, not wanting to be out done by such a level of arrogance, considers what he could do. 'That was impressive. But did you know that with just one little wave of MY hand I can make EVERY person in the crowd go crazy with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display like that of your subjects, but will go deep into their hearts, and they will forever speak of this day and rejoice.'

The senator seriously doubts this, and says so. 'One little wave of your hand
and all people will rejoice forever? Show me.'

So the Pope slapped her.

Have you tried a Baby Sling?

Well, I am a parent, but not a new parent so my thoughts on baby slings may not be the best. However, today as I was pushing through Walmart I saw a young parent with a baby in one of these things and it looked pretty handy.

There was the mother with the sling over her body and young baby kicked back asleep. Mother was able to use both hands while shopping and not disturb the baby. Pretty nifty I would say.

Any one with a young baby would surely want to try one of these baby slings and who knows maybe someday when I become a grandparent, I might even try one.

My thoughts for now.

News Shows on Presidential Race

Spent a little time this afternoon with some couch time - flipping the channels between plays etc. Stopped on one of the news channels for a while - Fox I think.

They were having a round table discussion about the candidates. Of course one of the first things that came up was the religious ads. Most of the news guys felt ok about those. Mentioned an ad by McCain that I had not seen about a guard drawing a cross when he was prison camp.

The best line that I took away from it is that they feel much like I am beginning to discover and that is that Fred Thompson might as well get back on Law and Order. His campaign appears to be over!

As I have stated, I am putting my "little bit" behind Huckabee. He has his faults but he aligns with me in most things and I believe he is smart enough that if he became president, he could Reaganize it and put the right people around him to make good decisions.

My thoughts for now!

Halloween lights - LED Lights

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Holloween. What do you mean Merry Halloween, you ask? Well, I have noticed this past October that there are more and more Halloween lights put up and more and more people are decorating for Halloween. They find it fun and a time when they and the kids who Trick or Treat can enjoy the decorations - especially the lights.

Yes, you will find that decorating for Halloween has become almost as popular as decorating for Christmas. You will find that there is a wide variety of Halloween lighting products available on the market now, including LED string lights. There will be an even larger selection of products for next year. So get ready.

Lighting for Halloween can also be great because it can create a safe and welcoming environment for trick-or-treators. LED lighting is also 90% more efficient than standard incandescent lighting so it is more affordable to use for multiple holidays. LED lights will also last for more than 50,000 hours.

So there you have it. Halloween lights are the thing to have next year and the website Holiday Leds can provide you the lights you need for any holiday decorations.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Whole Hog Cafe - 1 Star Rating out of 10 stars.

One of the most recent newer restaurants that we have tried in Conway Recently is the "Whole Hog Cafe" - Can I say "not impressed" Might better be called the "Bad Pig Cafe"

I ordered a half rack of ribs. I believe the best way to judge a BBQ place is to first try the ribs. If it passes that test then the next trip you try the pulled pork etc.

Well, the Whole Hog is also in Little Rock and close to where my wife used to work. She was already familiar with it and ordered a loaded baked potato. Said she knew that she did not like their bbq.

My ribs came out already slathered with BBQ sauce that was obviously put on them as they were reheated. The taste was not bad but I preferred one of their sweeter sauces that were touted in a display at the table. When my ribs came out, nothing was said about bringing my wife's baked potato.

After about 5 minutes I inquired and they said that they did not realize that they had ran out earlier and they were trying to get some more cooked. --Not a good sign.

After about another 5 minutes - it has now been about 30 minutes since we walked in the door - a rather crunchy baked potatoe was brought to my wife. "If momma aint happy aint nobody happy."

Well, she said very little bad about it but it was obvious it was not real good. They did try to compensate by bringing out a piece of Sweet Potatoe Pie. But it did not make the potatoe any softer.

Later that evening the indigestion and flavor return of the ribs was pretty alarming.

This place is off of our list.

Sorry Whole Hog - you get a 1 Star Rating
Conway, AR:
150 E. Oak St.
Suite A
Conway, Arkansas 72032
(501) 513 - 0600
Fax: (501) 513 - 0601

REFLECTIONS ON CHRISTMAS -find hidden music.

Bad Poem - but behind one of the links there is Christmas Music. Find the music and then leave a comment telling what the song is!
Merry Christmas was the words we used to bear.
People were saying it everywhere.
Out on the street and in the shop
Merry Christmas was said
Everywhere you stop.

Now many are grumbling and groaning and mad
Because a politician in the season is cheerful & glad.
Merry Christmas he said and in the background a cross
If we take it to heart maybe all is not loss.

So if you complain about it that way
About all I can say to you on that day
Is please go to work, don’t take the day off.
Stay at your job don’t laugh – don’t scoff.

For even if you say happy Hanukkah to us
I don’t think a Christian will throw you under a bus.
So if the words - Merry Christmas you hear
Even if you don’t like it just be of
Good Cheer!

Careers in music at the Artists House Foundation

Those of you who might be looking for information on music careers need to check out this site. You can find out what jobs are available in the music business, how to get them, and how to succeed at is a website dedicated to explaining the business side of the music business through video interviews with top industry leaders, musicians, and professors.

There are also master classes and concerts where famous musicians teach while they perform.

The site is run by John Snyder - multi-Grammy award winner and current head of the Music Industry Studies department at Loyola University in New Orleans, LA.
There are many of the greats that have been successful with careers in music that would tell you what a great opportunity it would have been to have this available to them. You can see some interviews of these greats who have been interviewed such as:

- musician Randy Newman
- Interscope president Jimmy Iovine
- Allman Bros. bassist Oteil Burbridge

So if you have a desire to be in the music business, this is a site to check out.

Mike Huckabee - No Respect of GOP Establishment!

Who is Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee is a Southern Governor who has a long track record of success and a demonstrated ability to unify and work effectively across party lines. As everyone knows, because he is not bashful about it, he is also an Authentic Christian Conservative -- a former Baptist minister, in fact. Recent days through the campaign has also shown that he is also a highly skilled communicator.

He could be determined by many to be the perfect candidate, especially for the conservatives. He is a candidate that one would have expected the Republican establishment to get behind him -- and one would certainly have expected Christian leaders to get behind him.

But that didn't happen, at least not yet. The establishment got behind Giuliani (pro-choice, anti-gun and pro-gay marriage) and Romney (a blatant, pandering flip-flopper on abortion) and the so-called "Christian leaders," shockingly, followed dutifully along.

It is truly hard to understand "the establishment"

My Thoughts for now!

Gourmet coffee at the Carolina Coffee Company

There is nothing better than to wake up and have a great cup of gourmet coffee right at home.

That is what the Owens Family, owners of the Carolina Coffee Company pride themselves on being able to do for you. They seek out the finest hand picked arabica beans in the world and store them optimally in a clean, temperature controlled environment. They have master roaster that takes each small batch and hand roasts them until the essential flavors in each unique coffee are revealed. Then they package the coffee, still warm from the roaster, and ship it directly to you for the freshest home coffee experience possible.

The Owens Family wouldn’t have it any other way.

They offer a wide selection of specialty single origin estate coffees, specialty blends, including their top selling Carolina Christmas Blend, certified fair trade organic coffees, swiss water decaf coffees (100% chemical free), and the Owens Family Roast Signature Series.

It is obvious that their focus is on high-quality hand roasted coffees and gift baskets that incorporate some of the best items from their site.

So if you are looking for that great gourmet coffee look no further than the coffee that you can get from the Carolina Coffee Company.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Seasons Greetings - Democrat or Republican!

Saw this and thought it was appropriate especially in light of all that was said about Mike Huckabee's Christmas Greetings: Please Read and enjoy.

For My Democrat Friends:

"Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all.

We also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the generally accepted calendar year 2007, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere, and without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishes.

By accepting these greetings you are accepting these terms. This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal. It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting. It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for herself or himself or others, and is void where prohibited by law and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher.

This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher."

For My Republican Friends:
Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Free Click to Call --Turn web clickers into callers!

Ifbyphone - free click to call and custom voice mashups is a great application. You should go to the website and try their demo. In short it is an application that allows someone on a website to click on the "contact us" tab, fill in their phone number and they are instantly connected to the company they are trying to contact. Their phone rings, the company phone rings and everyone talks. It prevents the website from losing the customer because they dont want to dial the number.

Here is their press release:

Ifbyphone Releases revolutionary Phone-Me-Now: the world’s first Zero Configuration Click to Call
With 100 free minutes per month Phone-Me-Now

Promises to be biggest Killer App of 2008

Chicago, IL: December, 2007 - Ifbyphone, a voice infrastructure and applications development company providing enterprise class services to Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB’s), has just released a solution destined to revolutionize the web to voice space: Phone-Me-Now, a zero configuration click to call application. To introduce Phone-Me-Now to hundreds of thousands of businesses that will be able to use it as a sales tool, Ifbyphone is making it available free of charge for 6 months and providing the first 100 minutes per month of usage for free as well.

This patent pending solution can be integrated in less then 60 seconds into any website, email or hyperlinked document and requires no experience to configure. It's literally the Internet’s first instant voice mash up tool.

"While many companies provide click to call services we were troubled by how complex they are to use. Users had to cut and paste HTML or javascript, rendering these services outside of the technical reach of thousands of businesses. Once we designed this patent pending solution we configured our existing smart click to call services to work with the Phone-Me-Now interface." says Irv Shapiro, Founder and CEO of Ifbyphone. The zero configuration Phone-Me-Now service is literally the Holy Grail of web to telephone integration and ease of use.

Using Phone-Me-Now is as simple as typing:

into any web site, Word Document, Powerpoint Presentation, Spreadsheet, PDF or email. When a reader clicks on the link they are prompted for their telephone number and the Ifbyphone systems call your business, calls the reader and conferences the call. Phone-Me-Now works with any telephone number you register on your Ifbyphone account.

"We wanted to eliminate any barriers to basic click to call, and know that Phone-Me-Now will immediately set an industry standard for rapid deployment. If the Internet is all about speed and response, what could be a more appropriate Killer App for 2008 than Phone-Me-Now, which puts a business owner in instant voice communication with their customers," adds Shapiro.

Free Phone-Me-Now accounts can be updated to additional Ifbyphone packages that include:

- Click to Call with Custom Dialog Forms
- Integrated Call Routing and Reporting
- Find Me
- Virtual Voice Mail
- Virtual Receptionist
- Outbound Voice Broadcast
- Web Configured Voice Dialogs (Hosted IVR)
- Call Recording
- Backend Database Integration
- A Complete Call Management API

All Ifbyphone solutions work with any telephone system and are fully portable if a company moves from one telephone transport vendor to another.

This is what they say about their company:

Ifbyphone is a hosted voice application and platform company with a simplified approach to the deployment of stand-alone and web-integrated voice services for small and medium sized businesses (SMB). Combining advanced telephony and web services, Ifbyphone's web-integrated voice applications turn the small business telephone into a powerful tool, increasing lead generation, improving sales conversion and enhancing the customer experience. Ifbyphone makes it easier for customers to connect with you from online and off. All of Ifbyphone's applications are accessible via a click on a Web site, an inbound call to a toll free number, an outbound call or with the help of a programmable API. Our configuration and deployment tools look and feel just like Web applications, and require no previous knowledge of telephony programming or terminology.

Previously available only to large enterprises, Ifbyphone is delivering these converged voice and web solutions at affordable monthly fees, with no major upfront costs. The company's services are available online and through a network of SMB value-added resellers.

Try it out!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mike Huckabee's Message to Iowa

I am a Huckabee fan. This is a Spoof of his Christian As -- But is the guy that made this for or against Huckabee.

You Tell Me!

Huckabee's Message to Iowa ?Spoof

I am a Huckabee fan. Is the guy that made this video for or against. It is a spoof of the Merry Christmas ad but I am not sure. You tell me! - The Web's Best New People Search

Spock is the greatest new search engine when you are searching for people. It has some great features that are discussed below.

What can be better than to be able to search people by name or by a "tag" consisting of a personal piece of information (e.g.Brown hair,likes Quiznos,etc).These tags can be created by the person or by other Spock members. If you are a member you can add relevant tags to people that will help others searches be more relevant.

You can voice an opinion about a person by voting for or against a tag(this includes pictures as well). Although this is not a social network they do have some capabilities such as messaging. Within a search result are links to a person's other locations on the web (e.g. homepage, MySpace, Wikipedia, blog, etc.)

A search that I completed was for my favorite presidential Candidate. To check out the site I searched for "arkansas for president". Well, guess what result came back. Yes, if you are any kind of Huckabee fan you would know that Mike Huckabee should be the answer.

Well, it did come back with Mike Huckabee. The tag "Arkansan For President" was associated with him along with several other tags. However, I did not see a tag that indicated that Huckabee was an Baptist Preacher . Therefore, I added this tag to his name. Therefore, later searches will pick up on that tag.

Pretty cool!

Here is my search results and later you will see a video about Spock

Huckabee wishes a Merry Christmas and that is all!

This country was founded by great people who acted and believed in religion.

This ad had no other message as the media has portrayed it. Support should be shown by how and whether candidates are capable of doing the job of President.

This mans personal beliefs and religion are up to him and if a person believes it is offensive or portraying a wrong message it is because people are looking for ways to make it that way.

Look up America --wake up and look at the road our great country is traveling. If you are offended religiously, or just have nothing better to do but blow hot air, this is America, we speak English, we pray, and we should all stick together for whats right. If you can't stomach that, GET OVER IT.

Monday, December 17, 2007

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Petrino and Hiring

As stated earlier, Petrino has hired his brother Paul Petrino as Offensive Coordinator. Other than that and Tim Horton, it appears that he is going to make a clean sweep of the coaches.

Defensive coach would sure be good to have Reggie Herring, but it looks like Herring is going to Texas A & M. This would be a good choice since this is my alma mater.

Just prefer not to see Reggie at LSU as may be rumored. Dont want him to be against us.

My thoughts for now!

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Petrino and Recruiting

It appears that Bobby Petrino hit the ground running. It was on the sports shows this morning that he has received the verbal committment of the states best quarterback out of Greenwood.

The young man had committed to Tulsa, but is now backing out of that and committing to Arkansas. It seems that he or his parents didn't listen to ESPN at all about how bad a person Petrino was.

Good Hire for Arkansas.

My Thoughts for now.!

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Arkansas Razorbacks

Well, it is a new week for the Arkansas Razorbacks in sports. John Pelphrey lost on the road with his basketball hogs. They looked good and hung in for a while and then got a little loose at the end. Didn't hurt any that Oklahoma had a guy shooting lights out at the end also.

Also, it is about 2 weeks into the new football coach, Bobby Petrino. He has hired his younger brother as offensive coordinator, but the good news is - he is still here.

Hope Reggie Herring does a good job coaching the Cotton Bowl and gets to stay on as Defensive Coordinator.

My thoughts for now!

Friday, December 14, 2007

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Can Mike Huckabee Win?

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How many of you think that he can beat Fred Thompson. Huckabee is leading the polls right now but will that change. Can he hold the momentum he has right now.

Only time will tell.

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Listening to the tapes and seeing a few clips it looked like a great show. I hope to find some film clips of it later and see how it came out.

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Mike Huckabee - a Rising Star!

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Keep in touch with Mike -- He may end up your candidate.
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Bobby Petrino - Still in Arkansas

Isn't it great to finally land a coach. Itsntt it great for the Arkansas Razorbacks to finally land a coach that causes so much National Attention. Do you believe if he was a no name that he would be the lead story for two days on the national sports shows.

They believe that he is a jerk and that Arkansas should have waited until Petrino's NFL season was over before announcing the hire... before he jumped ship with Atlanta.

Do you honestly believe that they would have given him the same courtesy if they had wanted him gone. They have fired coaches with games left in the season with no thought about it.

Arkansas be proud. Most any college in the nation would consider this a big time hire.

Lets see what he can do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Done Deal - Petrino to Arkansas

Willy says his sources are right this time. Petrino will be announced as early as Thursday morning in a press conference as the new head of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Dont be suprised if there is not further announcements soon after that about Gus Malzahn being the Offensive coordinator. He coaches a lot like Petrino and unless Petrino wants to call his own plays this will happen.

Reggie Herring is anybodys guess.

All Willy knows for now.

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My thoughts for now.

Bobby Petrino

Willy guessed it right all along. Bobby Petrino is coming to Arkansas. He is on the plane now and the ink is on the line. Next in line is that he is putting Gus Malzahn in place as offensive coordinator.

Question is if Reggie Herring gets to stay.

Only CNN knows. What is in store next. John White and Jeff Long do know what they are doing.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

What If Questions on Arkansas Razorback Coach Search

Hang with me and read this through to the end and then tell me if it doesnt make a little sense.
What if Jeff Long and John White had never taken a run at Tommy Tuberville, Tommy Bowden, Butch Davis, Jim Grobe or now Bobby Petrino.

What would the fans have said.

What if on November 26th, the day Houston Nutt resigned, or the next day when Reggie Herring was given a vote of confidence to be the Interim Coach for the bowl game, Jeff Long and John White would have announced that Reggie Herring or Gus Malzahn was to become the next coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

What would the fans have said.

Do you think the fans would have immediately began to sing the praises of Jeff Long or John White. No, I believe the fickle fanatic fans of the Arkansas Razorbacks would have immediately been calling the talk shows such as DriveTime Sports with Randy Rainwater and Rick Schaeffer and the complaints would have been strong.

"Why did we not go after a big name head coach" they would say.

Or the fans would have been calling "103.7 the Buzz "Show with No Name" and complaining to Tommy Smith and David Bazzle

"University administration is a bunch of idiots for not searching out a big name."

Or the Midday show the Zone with Justin Acri, Pat Bradley and Joe Franklin would receive calls from its crazy fans screaming:

"The University of Arkansas has lost its mind - why not at least try for a big name coach"

So, did you ever wonder why in the wave of first names that surfaced for interviews was Gus Malzahn. Did you ever think that maybe Jeff Long and John White are smarter than we thought they were.

Maybe they realized in the beginning that getting a big name was needed but almost an impossibility. Maybe they felt in the beginning that the idea of getting an established head coach was what the University needed but that it might be a big task to accomplish.

Maybe in the beginning they considered that either direction they went - the fickled fanatic fans of Arkansas Razorbacks were going to give them heck in the media and on Internet chat boards.

If they tried for big name coaches and failed - the criticism would come alive. If they went straight to the backup of a Gus Malzahn or a Reggie Herring - the criticism would come alive.

Maybe they have told Gus Malzahn or Reggie Herring. We love you, we think you would be a great head coach and we would like to give you a chance, but here is what we have to do to hopefully have the fan base on your side if you do get the job.

We have to make a run at the big names. If we get one - great. If we don't get one - we, Jeff Long and John White, will take that heat from the fans. Then we turn to you Reggie Herring or Gus Malzahn and give you the job.

You go out and win big while the state is still complaining about the administration. A year from now - if you win - we are all heroes.

My thoughts for now on the coaching Rumors.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

An Exercise in Coaching Rumor

This site is about Arkansas and what a great state it is. One of the things that makes it great is the fact that the fans of the Arkansas Razorbacks have such a passion for their team. The fans truly are fanatic.

I have taken that fact over the last couple of days and have playfully experimented with the blog traffic that could be generated by helping feed the rumors about the search for a new coach. I have constantly over the past week or so fed this site with the names of everything and everyone that could be, should be or would want to be hired or involved in the search.

This has fed the fact that this site is fairly well indexed with Google and other search engines and as anyone fed these names in they would ultimately pull up this site in some form or fashion. As I would feed names like Gus Malzahn, Tommy Tuberville, Butch Davis, Tommy Bowden, Houston Nutt, John White, Jim Grobe, Mitch Wilson and many others the search engines would make a move... Especially if a rumor was leaked from credible sources about any of those.

Here is what happened:
Around the 1st of November this site was averaging about 12-15 hits per day.

At that time I began to work the rumor mill a little and the hits about the 10th of November went to about 18-22 hits per day.

Around December 1, I started hitting the rumors strong. Here is the hit statistics for the first 5 days of December:

1st --- 22, 2nd ---47, 3rd---81, 4th ---92, 5th-----331.

As of this writing it is about 7:00pm and I have had 129 hits today.

The 331 came as everyone thought Arkansas had a coach hired and I put his name along with all of the others out their very quickly and the hits started coming.

By the way did yall hear that Mike Leach is not coming and that Gus Malzahn and Reggie Herring are the candidates now.

My story for now

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Gus Malzahn, Arkansas Coach?

Did you hear said my friend Willy. It has all been a great scheme in the sky to help Tommy Tuberville, Tommy Bowden, Grobe and others to get an early Christmas present.

But the time has come for the clowns like John White and Jeff Long to reveal their true decision and announce tomorrow that Gus Malzahn is the new coach at the University of Arkansas. Yes, he and Reggie Herring have kissed and made up and Reggie will stay as Offensive Coordinator.

Great Move.

Bye the way did anyone see that plane fly into Fayetteville today with Mike Leach in it?

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Arkansas Coach - Lets Try Again!

Talked to Willy late this afternoon about the Arkanasas Razorback coach and the fact that Jim Grobe is not coming to Arkansas. Willys answer again was that all of this is just a smoke screen and that it appears from his reliable sources on the hill that a new coach will be announced tomorrow and it will be Gus Malzahn. Reggie Herring will be staying as Defensive coordinator.

Mike Leach appears to waffle and is just thinking that he will use this to get a pay raise like Tommy Tuberville, Bobbie Bowden and maybe Butch Davis did.

Wait til tomorrow the rumor mill will start flowing late this evening on this one. But again, This is about as done as it is going to get according to Willy

Rumor Mill for now.

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Mike Leach - Come on Down

Get on the plane mike leach!

Willy says that you are the next in line. Willy also says that Arkansas Coaching Job is like the fat girl at the bar. Nobody wants to date her.

However, Mike we understand that you might be interested in courting us anyway. Might get you a pay raise.

But to the best of Willys knowledge if you dont take it then Arkansas Razorbacks are going back to the drawing board and offering to Gus Malzahn with Reggie Herring being the Defensive Coordinator.

Did somebody say that Petrino was interested just because he lost Michael Vick. What a thought!

My coaching rumors for Arkansas for now.

Come on Frank Broyles, you dont really think you could do it for a year do you. Even with Jimmy Johnson helping you.

Go away!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jim Grobe - to be announced tomorrow

Well, Mike Leach, eat your heart out. You had your chance to make an impression and now you have messed up.

Arkansas Razorbacks, according to Willy, are going to announce end of day tomorrow that Jom Grobe of Wake Forest is the new coach.

We will then probably find out that Gus Malzahn will come back from Tulsa as the offensive Coordinator. Reggie gets to keep the Defensive Coordinator job if he promises to play nice with Gus and not call him "High School" behind his back.

Coach update. From Willy

Just talked to Willy again. He was wanting to discuss Mike Huckabee in the Red States Update, but all I wanted to hear about was the Arkansas Razorback Coaching situation.

I asked Willy to tell me the truth, and I know Willy knows the truth because he has sources on the hill. Willy, I asked. Are you sure it will be Mike Leach. You had told me at one time that it was for sure Tommy Tuberville and that fell through. You say that it fell through because he had a bad day at hunting. I am beginning to question Willys sources.

Well, Willy assured me that it was not going to be Tommy Bowden or Tommy Tuberville. He still assured me that Gus Malzahn was strong in the running along with Mike Leach but in the end Mike Leach would win out. He said that Reggie Herring would be kept on as defensive coordinator if he wanted to stay.

Willy says that todays source comes through the pretty waitress, Juanita, down at the diner. She has a special place in the heart of a certain big roller at the University.

Do you think she knows John White or maybe Frank Broyles.

Did you see that Arkansas Plane at Texas Tech Today?

Rumors for Now.

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Jim Grobe - Arkansas Coach - No Way -

Well, it seems you folks out there just dont want to listen to my valid sources that it is now Mike Leach or Gus Malzahn.

Now they are saying that the leading candidate is Wake Forest's Jim Grobe who has emerged in the desperate Search for Arkansas Football Coach

Who is this guy anyway. Well he is Wake Forest Coach Jim Grobe. Grobe is 55 and is in his seventh year at the private, ACC school. Grobe has a mediocre record at 45-39 with the Demon Deacons, including 8-4 this year. He was selected as The Associated Press Coach of the Year in 2006. But what have you done for me lately we ask.

Well , Wake Forest is scheduled to face Connecticut in the Meineke Bowl in Charlotte on Dec. 29

Meineke - wait a minute - is that a muffler. Well, I think that means you can probably blow this rumor out the wazoo. It aint happening.

This is all just a smoke screen until they can clear the way for Mike Leach or Gus Malzahn.

Check back for an updated story and get ready to give it up Texas Tech Fans in Lubbock Texas.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Arkansas Razorback Coach to be Named Monday

My source Hillbilly Willy says that he might have talked to Razorback foundation members in the know and they say that the new coach will be named next Monday.

Right now the leading candidates are Mike Leach, Gus Malzahn, Ron English and Jimmy Johnson. The only thing they are waiting for is to see if Tommy Tuberville is going to sign his contract with Auburn. If not - he will be the next coach.

Those are my rumors for now.

Have a good evening and let the rumors fly.

Was that an Arkansas Razorback Plane that I saw in Florida?

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Bowden -not coming to Arkansas - Told you!

Willy told me today that Bowden was not coming just as he had said. Newest rumors are that Bobby Petrino wants to be the new coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks but Arkansas AD Jeff Long does not want him.

Well, here you go again. Mike Leach - are you still in Lubbock - get on a Plane and come on down.

Gus Malzahan - did you really quit your job today? They say that Jimmy Johnson likes your style and is coming to run the program for three years, let you run the office and take over when he leaves. Wow!

Tommy Tuberville - why havent you signed that big contract yet.

Reggie Herring - rumors are that the Razorback foundation noticed how you dressed the other day and are leaning your way. Besides they wouldnt want to pay you much money.

Who is this Ron English - is he a yankee wanting to come south. The rednecks would not like that.

My Rumors for now.

Tommy Bowden-Why

Why Tommy Bowden. Can anybody answer that one. Famous family yes. But what has he done lately. I would rather have Mike Leach or Gus Malzahn. Hello - Tommy Tuberville has your contract changed any this week.

Hello Lubbock and Texas Tech Fans. Are you going to keep your beloved whacky coach.

My friend Willy, who is a little crazy wants him to be the coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Have you seen how Reggie Herring is dressing lately. Boy wouldnt he make a great coach with his GQ style.

Who said David Bazzle knows who is going to be coach. Even Tommy Smith cant guess this one right. What about his hair cut from Jason Harper.

Well, Hello Coach Bowden. Willy still thinks Tuberville is the coach or maybe Mike Leach.

My thoughts for now.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Gus Malzahn, Arkansas Coach?

It wont happen but I find it interesting that it appears, as per reliable sources, that Gus Malzahn, offensive co-ordinator last year who had a fun offense when Houston Nutt would let him run it, has interviewed for the job. Wouldn't that be a hoot. I would like to see him back, but I know if he did that Reggie Herring would be out of a job since he used to call him "high school" behind his back.

But here is what some news sources are reporting now and they do not mention Mike Leach or Tommy Tuberville. How wrong they are:

ESPN and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper both reported that Mr. Bowden – who is finishing his ninth season at Clemson – was a possible candidate. ESPN reported that Mr. Bowden was one of three candidates to have interviewed for the position along with Michigan defensive coordinator Ron English (who interviewed Sunday) and Tulsa offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn.

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What a great blog find! A new blog that I have just been introduced to is a great source for such things as mortgage trends and other insiteful information about the mortgage industry.

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In reviewing the blog today I found new facts about the New ARM Predictor unveiled recently by Equifax. Great Information! Another article talks about the Bush Administration and how much Closer they are To Mortgage Relief.

You see, with only these two articles a person can find out a lot and this is just a small amount of the great industry information that is on this site.

If you have any interest in the mortgage industry, this information site is for you.

Mike Leach wants to Leave Tech - and Tech is Ready?

Why would anyone want Mike Leach other than his games are fun to watch. The team did end strong but this is what one article had to say about their choice to be in the Gator Bowl:

Texas Tech, 29th in the BCS, finished 8-4 with one of the country's most explosive passing offenses. The Raider's selection marks the first Big 12 school selected since Oklahoma played in the 1991 game, which was before the Big 8 added four teams from the defunct Southwest Conference.

Neither team was the first choice of the Gator Bowl Association as the college football regular season and conference championship games drew to a close. Clemson, ranked 15th in the BCS and historically having a strong traveling fan base, would have been the choice had Boston College won the ACC Championship game, won by Virginia Tech.

Come on Texas Tech, Give him up. Let him come to a real school like Arkansas. If we don't take him we might have to spend more money than we did to get rid of Houston Nutt to hire Tommy Tuberville. He might win more games than Mike Leach will but his games are so boring. We will think Houston Nutt is back.

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Mike Leach - Why Would Tech want to Keep Him?

Okay, all of you crazy Texas Tech fans in Lubbock Texas out there..tell me the truth would you really hate to see Mike Leach go to the Arkansas Razorbacks rather than someone like Tommy Tuberville or Mr. Bowden.

If you would like for him to stay or like for him to go, let me know. This sight is not a rumor mill. This site is fact and all of the facts come from my buddy Hillbilly Willy who I meet with daily over at the Possum Grit Roadkill Cantina and Grill. And Willy has his sources.

Willy is still trying to find out what kind of duck hunt Tommy Tuberville had in Arkansas. Good Hunt he is coming.. Bad Hunt he is staying. I believe it was a bad hunt and Willy has not confirmed but believes it was also. That would mean the second rate Mike Leach would be the next in line and would surely decide to come to Arkansas over Texas Tech.

If you have an opinion on this leave a comment and by all means name your sources as I have. We want fact not fiction.