Friday, December 21, 2007

Whole Hog Cafe - 1 Star Rating out of 10 stars.

One of the most recent newer restaurants that we have tried in Conway Recently is the "Whole Hog Cafe" - Can I say "not impressed" Might better be called the "Bad Pig Cafe"

I ordered a half rack of ribs. I believe the best way to judge a BBQ place is to first try the ribs. If it passes that test then the next trip you try the pulled pork etc.

Well, the Whole Hog is also in Little Rock and close to where my wife used to work. She was already familiar with it and ordered a loaded baked potato. Said she knew that she did not like their bbq.

My ribs came out already slathered with BBQ sauce that was obviously put on them as they were reheated. The taste was not bad but I preferred one of their sweeter sauces that were touted in a display at the table. When my ribs came out, nothing was said about bringing my wife's baked potato.

After about 5 minutes I inquired and they said that they did not realize that they had ran out earlier and they were trying to get some more cooked. --Not a good sign.

After about another 5 minutes - it has now been about 30 minutes since we walked in the door - a rather crunchy baked potatoe was brought to my wife. "If momma aint happy aint nobody happy."

Well, she said very little bad about it but it was obvious it was not real good. They did try to compensate by bringing out a piece of Sweet Potatoe Pie. But it did not make the potatoe any softer.

Later that evening the indigestion and flavor return of the ribs was pretty alarming.

This place is off of our list.

Sorry Whole Hog - you get a 1 Star Rating
Conway, AR:
150 E. Oak St.
Suite A
Conway, Arkansas 72032
(501) 513 - 0600
Fax: (501) 513 - 0601


Jeff Gray said...

I try to find good ribs wherever I travel and Whole Hog Cafe is where I eat when I'm in Little Rock. Famous Dave's (when I can find one - Mall of America in Minneapolis and several places in IL) is another great place for ribs and was my favorite until I found the Whole Hog Cafe. These ribs are the best I've tasted, so far, I think. As for the sauce, they normally come with a thin layer cooked to be tacky, but I prefer them dry. The taste is amazing dry or add one of their six sauces.

jenny said...

I love Whole Hog - Give them another Chance!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I would say that you had a bad experience at one location... Whole Hog in LR is the best BBQ I have ever had, hands down.