Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold and Rain

Arkansas is again in the grips of the cold and the ice and the rain.

Thankful right now that -right here - right now - the temperature is above freezing and it is only wet.

Morning will tell whether it turns into a treacherous trek to work or if we go in late.

Wish we could just have a cave day.

Do you ever just take a cave day?

What does that mean to you!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hogs or Dogs!

It is hard to tell which team is going to show up for the Razorbacks. They seem to have streaks of the team that showed up for Oklahoma and Texas but they don't last and can't finish.

It seems like they dog it around some and don't play as hard all of the time.

It looks like Fortson is taking some coaching from Pelphry and it may be hurting him. He just needs to go with reckless abandon and get it on.

That is what I have to say at this time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Comcast Has The Best NFL Coverage

Do you like sports news? Do you like sports in general? Do you like the NFL?

I am one of those who listen to anything sports and especially at this time when the NFL is winding down to the Superbowl. All is great.

Well, if you are will check out Comcast.net you will find that it is an excellent source for sports news and especially NFL news. Yes, because you have the ability to check out Comcast. net you can consider youself a lucky ..yes a very lucky person

Why are you a lucky person you ask? Well, you must not have been reading and listening with your ears. I am saying that not only can you get some of the best sports news but it will be some of the best sports news available.

So, lets check again. Were you listening? Where do you get the best NFL news, the best sports news and just about anything else that you need to know. Yes, that is right you can get it at comcast.net. So use comcast.net sports for all your sports news, videos, scores, picks, etc.

Got it!

So if you are an NFL junkie and you like all sports all of the time, you might just want to check this out.

Hogs to play Ole Miss

Can the hogs do it. Can they come back and play like they are capable of. Can they play like the team that beat Texas and Oklahoma.

I am turning on the game close to end of 1st half. They have been behind as much as 21 points.

what is going on?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hogs Lose

The razorbacks were over confident and did not look like they came to play. They let Mississippi State run all over them.

Maybe it was good for this to happen early in the SEC play. They have the talent and ability to beat Texas and Oklahoma - Now if they come to play they can beat anyone.

Go hogs.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sit! Take A Load Off...Watch Some Sports!

This blog consistently brings up Razorback football and basketball and how the writer enjoys watching the games. Well, since most of this watching is from the house and not on sight, it is important for me to have some excellent comfortable furniture that I enjoy.

This also goes along with the fact that the wife has mentioned revamping the old furniture with something new. With this in mind I might just look at Conservatory Furniture

In looking at their web site it is obvious that they have a large and varied amount of furniture with something for everybody. They have many types of furniture including the wicker or rattan conservatory furniture. Their furniture offers many modern designs and a variety of fabrics to fit your decor.

Since I am looking also to furnish a rustic look the luxurious wicker design might best fit my needs. As I come home from a long day at work to relax watching my favorite sports team on television, I will be able to do so on some nice furnishings.

So, if you are where you can and want to furnish your place with some excellent products, this is a site that you might want to visit. I am sure many people have done so and that there are choices that will take care of your furniture needs.

Those are my thoughts for now.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Razorbacks Again

Razorbacks are playing again tomorrow night. As coach John Pelphrey says this is where it really matters. The wins over Oklahoma and Texas in a week were great but as far as the real conference play meant nothing.

Therefore, it is time for the Hogs to get in there and really root against Mississippi State tomorrow night.

Can the hogs keep up the pace.

Go Hogs Go.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What abot those Hogs!

Arkansas Razorback basketball is looking like the Hogs of Nolan Richardson days. The Hogs have knocked off two nationally ranked teams in less than a week.

The Hogs looked like they were gone two or three times in the Game against Texas but they kept scrapping and came back to put it away in the final seconds.

The only thing that will hurt them now is weariness from playing so hard and over confidence.

Go Hogs!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Travelling Willy

Willy the author of this blog and more famous for his site Hillbilly Willy has the winter blues.

To cure these blues Willy is working his way around the United States by Cyber Travelling and letting both of his fans guess where he is at.

If you would like to get off the couch and play the game you can either help Willy Travel around the 50 states or simply guess where Willy is at today.

Just a little fun. Come on - Humor a Hillbilly.

Premier Garage - Good Stuff

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Garage - its your place - make the most of it.

Razorbacks Win

Arkansas Razorbacks took care of North Texas but had some struggles in doing so. The next great challenge is Texas this Tuesday night.

Can the Hogs be back to glory of the mid 90's?

Is their potential in this team for a tournament bid?

Is their life after Razorbacks.

Time will Tell.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Arkansas Razorbacks - Basketball

John Pelphrey has the Razorbacks playing like the Arkansas teams of old. They literally blew out the # 4 team in the nation last week when they played Oklahoma. The game was fast, fun and exciting.

Sounds like a Nolan Richardson team.

Can the hogs keep up the pace. Well, they play North Texas in Alltel Arena tomorrow and then Texas on Tuesday. If they beat North Texas and show good or beat Texas I would say that this is a legit team.

Or were they just on a hot streak last week.

These next two games will tell.