Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hogs Get Another Chance?

The question this week whether or not the Arkansas Razorbacks - the Hogs - can come back after the 101 - 70 licking that they took at the hands of the Kentucky Wildcats and perform at all. Thursday night the Razorbacks under John Pelphrey are playing Mississippi State in Fayetteville.

The other question of the week is "will the fans come out and support the Hogs?"

The talk shows have been overwhelmed this week so far with the call for John Pelphrey's resignation. There is a belief that the basketball team is going nowhere.

What are your thoughts on the program. Can it be saved. Should John Pelphrey Go. Should the team stop playing basketball and join the water polo team.

Just saying --- Pants on the Ground. Pants on the Ground.

Houston Rodeo

Well, it was only two years ago that I attended the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The only problem was that I decided too late that we were going to attend. My desire would have been to have Houston Rodeo concert tickets but since I was so late in deciding to go the tickets were not available.

You see some friends from West Texas were showing animals in the livestock show and we decided that we would support them by attending the show. Well, that gives the idea that it would be good to attend the rodeo and concert so we thought about buying tickets for that.

It is too bad that at the time we were unaware of TeamOne Tickets because we certainly might have gotten tickets there at a reasonable price. Yes, it would have been nice to attend because it would have brought back memories of when I attended the Houston Rodeo about 34 years ago.

That is a time so far back that it is difficult to remember. However, I do remember that it was a great time and a great show.

So if you are looking to be anywhere in the Houston area during that time, it would be a great adventure to attend this great event.

That is what I have to say about that.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fishing in Arkansas

Sauger fish is something that I was not familiar with. The River Valley section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette this weekend had a great article on fishing for these on the Arkansas River in the cold of the winter.

Sounds like fun except for the cold weather part. The story told that these fish were good to catch below the dams on the river. Well, since I live about four miles from the lock and dam I believe that I might just try it this weekend.

I have never seen a sauger or whats more I have not fished much. Must be time to start.

National Finals Rodeo - Try it!

Tickets to the Nationals Final Rodeo are something that every good rodeo fan will cherish. Yes, to go to the greatest Rodeo event of the year is something of pure excitement, thrill and just a great time for everyone.

I have never been to the Nationals Final Rodeo but to get good tickets to it I would certainly consider going to TeamOne Tickets and checking out the great seats and the great prices. It would be an experience of a life time if you can get the time to go see this great event.

One of my favorite events of any rodeo is the bull riding. I have been involved in junior rodeos and some professional rodeos and bull riding events as an arena hand and spectator. There is nothing like the thrill of the great monster bull coming out of the shoot with a 200 pound man hanging on for dear life. The thrill of that must be something that can not be imagined.

Bull riding along with some of the skilled roping events are also my favorites. Man against beast with skill involved is also very interesting.

All I can say is that if you can find the time you should take the chance to go and experience the thrill of the event. It will be a time that you will remember for ever.

Friday, January 22, 2010


The weekend holds another Arkansas Razorback football game. The games are more fun to watch now that Courtney Fortson is back. It is still odd, however, that the hogs can hang with a good team but they just can't beat them.

What they need is another person that can hit an occasional three point shot. Relying solely on Rotnei Clark to do that is tough. They double him up as they come down court to keep him from shooting and this should free up someone else. However, no one else can lay in a consistent three and therefore they are no threat.

We have to rely on Courtney to go recklessly inside or Rotnei to shoot quick from the outside.

Arkansas needs some help.

Go Hogs.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's always time to say "I love you"

Have you heard of the Casio gshock watch. These are great looking watches that are very stylish and very practical in today's active life style. This looks like a watch that I might want to have for when I am Scuba Diving. More inspection is necessary to check that out.

That would be a great idea. Valentine's Day is coming and I could get my wife a lovely watch from BlueDial and then could certainly hint that it would be great if she were to get me a selection from the Casio gshock selection. Do you think that this idea might work?

I could tell her that this would be great for us to exchange lovely watches on Valentine's Day during our 31st year together. I could tell her how much she means to me as the mother of our lovely grown daughter. I could let her know that she is greatly appreciated all of these years as she has taken care of me and given me great support.

Does it sound like it is working? Maybe she will read this post and know that the watch I want is pictured here.

We can exchange watches, save money because it's always time to day "I love you"

Arkansas gets Coach Campbell Back

Coach Lewis Campbell is coming back to Arkansas. He was a player and then a coach at Arkansas Razorbacks for many years and then left during the Petrino beginnings.

Today I heard that he is coming back to Arkansas as a high School head coach at Sheridan. This is good news for Arkansas and good news for Sheridan. He will bring winning and integrity to a small town program. Not saying anything wrong with their program now, but it can't hurt with him at the reins.

Way to Go Coach Campbell.

Pants on the Ground - Pants on the Ground. - I was just saying.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Arkansas Razorbacks - Getting Better?

How many of you saw the game today against Alabama. Rotnei Clark, Michael Washington, Courtney Fortson and others all looked pretty good - some of the time. Why can't they keep it together all of the time.

Also, did you see the flagrant foul against Rotnei Clark. Granted the kid did give him an intentional elbow, but Rotnei through in a little extra head action that made it even better.

So, are the Hogs better? Is John Pelphrey doing an ok job of Coaching or was Alabama just not that good.

You tell me!

Move or Rent - You Need Help!

It was just over 20 years ago that my trek started from Texas to Arkansas. Job changes, life changes and other factors caused it to be time to move from my home state of Texas to the foreign country of Arkansas. This was a major life change for me, my wife and especially my first grade daughter.

The first thought is what could I do to make this as good as it could be. None of us wanted to do move but it had to be done. The first thing that became my major responsibility was to find suitable housing for my family. Remember this was 20 years ago. This was before the technology had began to leap forward. Yes, Al Gore had not invented the internet yet.

The only thing that I could do was to start searching for apartments for rent through the newspaper in town where we were going. This was an awkward way of looking since it was 800 miles away and we knew no one there.

Well, long story short I ended up going and staying for two weeks in a motel and finding the right place to live. Then came the real move. Well, that was done by professional movers and that made all of the difference. However, the problem with that was finding the right movers, for the right price that would do what we wanted done when we wanted done.

Wow how things have changed. Today if you are searching for apartments for rent you simply get on the internet and go to something like move.com. There you can search just about any place you want for the apartment or house that will suit your needs. You can also get moving quotes, compare prices and options for a move and many other things associated with relocating.

Where were you internet when I needed you. Times have really changed and gotten better when it comes to moving.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arkansas Vs Mississippi State

Arkansas has it going good for a while and then they make silly mistakes.

It is interesting that the one that brings Arkansas intensity and a chance to be better - Courtney Fortson - also brings us mistakes that kick us in the teeth.

Do you ever think that Arkansas will get back to greatness in Basketball.

We just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cold Weather

The weatherman says it is warmer but my body feels colder. I work inside most days but when I get out it seems real cold.

Could it be that I am getting older or is cold weather getting colder.

Could it be that I am more sensitive to cold than I used to be because I have less hair than I used to have.

Cold is cold - Where are you spring.

Did I say that. Then I have to cut the grass.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow is here!

Hope everyone survives the first blizzard of 2010. The snow is falling in some parts of Arkansas. I did go to the planned visit to the grocery store.

What should I find there but people rushing around like they had only a few minutes to get in and get out with the essential food for at least a month. Help me with this.

It is not a blizzard. The snow flakes are barely falling and there is nothing sticking on the ground nor is anything going to stick on the ground.

Someone get me my snow shovel---- it is getting deep!