Thursday, May 29, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees 5/29/08

Small country towns are great. Today the cell phone was with me as we visited a small supposed to be feed store owned by Dan Eoff - founder of the National Chuckwagon Races in Clinton Arkansas.

On the floor the cell phone captured a small deer that they had found with no mother. They were nursing it back to health. It lay on the floor as people came and went with no regards for anyone.

Life is good in Arkansas. Check out interesting links on Eoff and races.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dockers Video Contest...we'll call you!

Dockers contest for commercials is going on over at NBC. This is a great opportunity to win some prizes and advertise for what I believe is one of the most comfortable pants there is. Yes, I understand that Dockers makes other things than just the pants that I wear but that is to me there main item.

So if you have a flair for being a director, a critic or a judge then look at the great opportunity to make your own home commercial. Put it together and then join in the fun with the Dockers contest.

I did and look what I came up with.

Sponsored by Dockers

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What the Cell Phone sees 5/20/08

The Cell Phone noticed something that I walk by several times a month and pay no attention to.

This is a battleship anchor that is standing outside the local courthouse. It is dedicated to the people of the Navy who have served their country.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees - 5/18/08

It seems like many times when I think I am going to take a picture of something I unknowingly have the camera part of the phone on and take unintentional pictures..
So this is what happens today. As I was looking at the pictures in my cell phone it seems that I took a picture of my feet.
Well, we cant all be perfect. Taking pictures or having good feet.
This is what the cell phone saw today.
Life is still great in Arkansas.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What the Cell Phone Sees - 5/17/08

It is amazing sometimes what you see when you just look around. Here is what the Cell phone saw today.

I happened to be waiting for the tire store to open so that I could get my tires rotated and balanced. The day is Saturday and crazy me.. I thought they would open on Saturday. As I was waiting I saw this large pile of tires where others had gotten their "tires changed".

Thought surely that these were waiting to be picked up by a truck to go somewhere to be disposed.

Well, in looking around there is a great dumpster in the back of the store that had a lot more than were here. Not sure how all of this works out.

Wonder if this is "going green" to save the environment. Global warming and all of that. Where is Al Gore when we need him. I guess he is inventing Internet2.

It is still a great Life here in Arkanas

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What The Cell Phone Sees - 5/15/08

The Cell Phone took a few days off, but now it is back. Everyday might be a little ambitious to get a picture from the cell phones view posted on this blog but am going to try often.

Todays view comes from the travel through the countryside route to my office. The terrain is beautiful with the trees in full leaf and the nice lake that I pass.

But the next thing that I notice is this view towering over the hillside. Yes, it is the monster that feeds the signal that allows me to talk on this cell phone about any where I go.

As we think "green" and environmentally friendly - this seems to get in the way.

I have noticed in the cities that many times the cell phone tower is masqueraded as a giant flag pole. Maybe my cell phone will see one of those in the next few days.

Otherwise - it is a great Day in Arkansas and Arkansas is a great place to live.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If these Pants Could Talk!

240x180 Dockers are the pants I usually wear for work and Church. If I am not wearing a pair of jeans which are sometimes Docker also I am wearing a pair of Dockers.

Man if these pants could talk. Just yesterday for example. Started out the day leaving the house at 7 am. To work we go. Man the pants say. Do you have to sit on us for 30 minutes just to get to work. Yep, thats what it takes. Twisting and turning down the highway away to work the pants go.

Just a minute Pants. We have to pull in at the local drink stop. Got to have a sweet tea fix for the morning. What did you say pants. Why do we have to stand in line so long. Well I don't know but talk to all those dockers that are in line in front of us. Ask those dockers to hurry and move and we will get this done faster.

Well off to work. Take it easy pants. Most of the rest of the day you are going to be sit upon. An occassional visit to the file cabinet. Visit the kitchen at lunch and eat the salad we brought from the refrigerator. You understand that don't you pants. We are trying to stay fit so that we don't have to buy a bigger pair of Dockers. The wife says that you are big enough.

Well, the day at the office is over but got an evening community meeting. Go from work to that with me Dockers. You say you are tired of all of these meetings. Well, me to pants, but remember while I am talking to all of the people there you can talk to the other Dockers.

Well, now to home. What will we do at home pants. You get to go to the laundry bag so you can get your bath and be clean for another time and I am going to get busy and see if I can't make a video to join the Dockers contest.

You know. That contest where you make a video about your pants and submit that video to I hear there are great prizes. If you have any talent at all you might win a great prize. Check it out! Get out that Camera! Submit that video.

This could be fun. Lets get with it.

Sponsored by Dockers

Tornado Strength

Had the opportunity last evening to go back through some of the local area that was ravaged by tornadoes about a week or so ago. The thing that still amazes me is the strength of God's Nature.

There is an area where a large feedmill was on one side of the road and a riding arena on the other side. This area looks as if a very large bomb was dropped on the area. The trees that are left standing are stripped and bare. The large feedmill is twisted and appears to have been moved off of its foundation.

Makes Willy wonder what the Good Lord is doing sometimes. - Not Willy's to question - but also probably not for Willy to totally understand either.

10-4 Willy

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Do You Like Scary Movies - Frontier(s)

Check out these select theater listingsfor the great uncut and unrated Frontier(s) in theatres on May 9th. This one will scare the pants off of just about anyone.

Just watching the trailer intrigues and invites anyone who likes scary movies in to see what happens on the Frontier (s). Check this one out to find out what your boundaries are. You may want to check out the theatre near you that has this one right now. You don't want to miss this one. If you can't handle scary movies but you know someone that does, make sure this one is on their radar scope.

I am not a big scary movie fan but may want to see this one to find out what my boundaries are and what is on the Frontier.

I live in small town with small theatres, but I may want to go to Little Rock to the big screen to see this one. It looks like one that you might want to soak up every minute on the major screen.

Check out the trailers and check out the fun to be scared out of your wits. Check out Frontier(s)

Again, please check this one out. Check the local theatre listings and find where this will be. This is something new in scary movies. This will make your heart pound and your mouth scream.

Check it out now.

Sponsored by Sponsored by Frontier(s)