Sunday, April 29, 2007

El Mexicana Restaurant -Conway

If you want a nice quiet place to eat Mexican Food in Conway, this could be the place. It is interesting that it is in an OK location but not great, but seems to have very few customers.

I would rate the food as OK but not great. It is a quick and easy place to get a simple mexican food fix for real TEX - MEX etc.. In other words it is not fast Mexican like Taco Bell.

When going here we usually get entrees. The meal is cheap and usually rather fast. The meals this time consisted of:

Taco Salad with ground beef and guacomole dip on it - no sour cream. - Rated OK - not to greasy and guacomole dip is always good.

Chimachanga dinner - beef - the special on the board - Rice and beans and a dip of Guacomole. -Again rated ok- nothing to knock your socks off but very adequate for a good meal - Suprise at the end that I did not notice on the board was that it came with free apple cobbler. The cobbler was a quick cook cobbler that was probably good at noon when it was cooked. It did satisify the sweet tooth.

The on difference on this place is that they bring with the Chips and regular salsa a green Salsa that is a little different. It is really good. They used to bring out a small bowl of beans that were cooked "Mexican style" that was really good, but a change of cooks has caused this to quit.

Overall on scale of 1-10, this place is about a 5. Good for quick and Mexican but not where you go to impress anyone.

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