Sunday, February 24, 2013

Duck Dynasty came to Arkansas

Willie is a Graduate of Harding University in Searcy Arkansas. Willie came and talked to those folks about family values and preached the Bible. Willie is a great guy. Chase and the Duck Commander are good guys too. Getting across family values in a funky way is great. This proves that anyone can make it in America if Obama Will leave them alone. However with Obama in charge it may be hard for hot naked women to make a living in the wet and wild rain forest in Belize. Even if they are Robin Roberts on the REd carpet at the oscars it might not work. And that is what is happening in Arkansas. Go Duck Duck Dynasty - Win an Oscar.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What about those hogs

The Razorback basketball team went to Alabama and stunk it up again. They started out week but second half was a better story.

Fans were very excited as the second half was coming to an end and the Hogs were tied.  Then the usual happened. They lost the road game.

What else is new.