Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gold, Gold, Gold

Have you ever owned gold bullion?  If you haven’t you have missed a thrill.  It is really something to physically own a precious metal such as gold bullion.  It is neat to hold something like that in your hands.  It might even make your mind go back to the gold rush days and imagine that you are a prospector looking for the gold.

Seriously, however, if you want to invest something that is up and coming as an investment I believe now is the time to buy bullion and get in on this type of great investment.  Yes, I am talking about now being the time to buy gold bullion.  Gold is where it is at.  Actual money is slipping and it is time to buy the gold.

In that same thought process it may also be time to make some of your retirement investments count even more.  This might be done by investing in a gold IRA.  That is right!  If now is the time to buy and own actual gold bullion, then the time must also be right to put at least some of your IRA investments into gold.

Gold is where it is at!  Are you there?

Sunday, August 29, 2010


What does The Chronicle say about getting an education.  What is the Chronicle you ask?  It is simply put The Chronicle of Higher Education.  It appears to be a great online source which gives great information and sources to know everything that you need to know or find about a greater education.  The current issue gives job information, career talk, education news and much, much more.  It appears to tell it like it is.  Must be good.

I wonder if it says anything about different universities and there abilities along with strengths and weaknesses.  Maybe they have something in there about Walden University and how it fits into the scheme of getting a good education.  My guess is that it will be in there with a great rating.   

Another site that is always important when you are looking at Education is the government education department.  It can be very helpful in creating and monitoring the scholarship methods and needs.  It is the overall fail safe which is responsible for oversight of the whole thing.  They are the ones responsible to make sure that the whole higher education system is right and honorable.  

So, the sum of it all is that education is important along with the fact that there are excellent Universities out there to get this education and there are also great resources to check it all out.

These are my thoughts for now.

Living in Arkansas

What are the positives of living in Arkansas.  Here is a short listing of the features we have coming up with information to come later.

  1. Dove season is coming in only a few days. - 
  2. Bow hunting  - deer
  3. Muzzle loading season - deer
  4. Modern Gun season - deer
  5. Duck hunting season coming soon
  6. Great lakes - get that last summer boating in.
  7. Great lakes - fishing all year long.
  8. Great rivers - fishing all year long
  9. Great rivers - canoeing, kayaking, - get the last summer trip in
  10. Great lodges - Wilhelmenia, Degray - others
Great Arkansas.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mailbox allure – Get It Now!

Mailboxes are something that set you apart from others.  What is it that you see when you are looking for an address or a house.  You turn down the street and you see mail boxes all the way down the street.  Well, then you notice the nice residential mailboxes and you notice the not so nice ones.

Which place is it that draws your attention?  It is the house with the nice mailbox that you are drawn to.  So if you want that impression for your house or business it would make great sense to get online and find a site that has great commercial mailboxes and residential  mailboxes

This would give you the opportunity to pick out and purchase at a reasonable price the box that would set you apart from the others.

Makes sense doesn’t it.

 My thoughts for now and your thoughts for the future.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Henderson State Reddys

Ok.  Football has officially started in the state of Arkansas.  Last night was the first official college football game in the state.  The game was played in Arkadelphia with the Henderson state team having the privilege of being the first college game in Arkansas. 

They won.  What is next.  Who is the next team to play.   The next one that I am interested in is the Razorbacks.  They play a week from Saturday. 

My only regret is that I was thinking the game was on National TV and now I find that it is on Pay per view.  This is the  only PPPV game this year.  The rest of the games can be found on most cable and satellite systems.

Are you Ready for some football?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blue Sky Scrubs - Good Looking Scrubs!

What is life in America with out good looking scrubs.  I am of the opinion that almost every profession should wear at least scrub tops or possibly  lab coats.   I would feel really good about it if my company asked us to wear scrubs every day.  I would have about five scrub sets   and would have them lined out so that I would just rotate through them.  Therefore there would no longer be the decision of what to wear each day.

This is where a great site such as blueskyscrubs.com would come in handy.  This is a site that has an excellent selection of all kinds of great looking scrubs that could be used in many professions.  There are medical scrubs, nursing scrubs and much, much more.  All of these scrubs are excellent looking and appear to be priced right.
  What more could you want.  

So what else is there to do.  When you need good looking scrubs and need to get a good selection this must be a place that you would want to visit.

Those are my thoughts for now.

Scuba Diving - Arkansas

It has been over a year since I became a certified Scuba Diver.  I have not really used my diving skills since then.  I need a partner and a good place to dive.  There are many places in Arkansas that are OK to dive but none are really great. 

If I can find a partner I believe that in the next year or so I am going to try to bone up on my diving and get good enough to go on a couple of dive expeditions.  This would be somewhere exotic such as the Grand Caymans or Cozumel or even greater places.

Just have to find out someone I know that shares that interest and has the time to get er done.

My thoughts for now are to get to Diving in Arkansas.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Multiple Sclerosis - Get the Info Now!

Are you aware of the things that make up the main  Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms ?  Are you even aware of what Multiple Sclerosis does to the body?   If these questions come to your mind or if you are having any kind of questions about this disease, then it means that you probably know someone that has Multiple Sclerosis or symptoms of it.

Well if that is the case you need to go to their website and see things that are need to know information about MS.  You need to know something about Multiple Sclerosis Exercise and maybe the things that are needed for a  Multiple Sclerosis Diet or other valuable news about the disease.

The question then really comes to the fact of whether you have enough information and the right information about Multiple Sclerosis.  What do you do to get this information is obvious.  What you do with the information is up to you.  The information is available.  Don't be hesitant to find out the information you need.

That is my thoughts for now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How Long?

12 days and counting Hog Fans

Who knows what I am talking about.  If you are ready for Hog Balls to begin flying just get on the wagon.

Hogs are ready to get it on and will sink it deep into the season to get what they have coming to them.

Yes, the Hogs should get a good score this season when it comes to the preseason.

Number 17 to start - Number 1 to finish.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Remote Computer Access - with Proxy Pro 7

 PC Remote Access is something that fascinates me.  Several years ago before the advancement of this type of access, I had many opportunities in my work environment to lead someone by phone to fix a problem on their computer or to load a new program.  This was often difficult when the person on the other end was someone that could barely turn the computer on.  However, the job was done.

Well, today with such a software such as Proxy Pro 7 a technical person can pretty much take over instant access of any computer that is involved and complete the tasks needed on that computer just as if you were working on that individual computer.  How great it would have been to have this type of program in the example given above.  I could have simply told the person to back away and with  this program I could have fixed registry problems or any other problems that might need to be explored and repaired. 

This type of program appears to be just what is needed for such things as Help desk services that are trying to service their users whether they are at a remote office, on the road or working from home.  This also could be used for collaboration and real time sharing on specific projects.

It just seems to be something that is very important for IT managers to explore and be familiar with because it could easily make them a hero in the company by the money that might be saved by remote support rather than having to go out and spend company money to get on site.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Razorback Football

Razorbacks had a game like scrimmage.  From what I am hearing it sounds like both the first team offense and defense seemed to do pretty well.

Ryan Mallett hit something like 31 of 38 passes with no interceptions.  Several of the players had a great game.  There was a 79 yard play.  

The second string quarterback looked pretty good.   Still people are whining about things not looking good.

We must be getting close to football season.  Only a couple of more weeks.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tutornext.com - Tutor Me

Online Tutoring specifically for K-12 and college tutoring has become very popular and is something that I certainly wish had been available several years ago when my daughter was going to school.  I could have been a lot smarter in helping with her home work if this type of assistance had been available,

In looking at this service today I find that a site such as  tutornext.com can help in providing online tutoring at the cheapest rate.  This looks like a great service.  It appears that they can help you with such various things as  Math answers , algebra 1, chemistry help, algebra 2, statistics help (that one would have really been nice to have), and much more.

So if you need help you can even get some  Free math tutoring online from tutornext.com.   They will provide a very high-quality one-on-one supplemental education for K-12 and college students.  Their assignment help and Online Tutoring services are convenient and affordable. These services allow students to connect to a tutor as often as they need help and just when they are ready to learn.

What more can you ask from a service especially as school gets started for 2010.

These are my thoughts on this.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Florida Hat on Hog Reporter

The biggest flap in Arkansas today is the fact that a lady working for a Hog sports radio station was wearing a Florida hat at an after practice interview.  Bobby Petrino simply told her that he was taking no questions from her with that hat on.

Simple as that - Right.  The lady was fired later in the day for her actions.  Or was it for other actions that she had done or was doing.  Rumor has it that she had been twitting bad things about the hogs on company time that should be devoted to the Hogs.  People outside the state are saying that Petrino caused the lady to get fired and that Arkansas is a bunch of idiots.

Is that what you think.  Not me.  

That is my thoughts for now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cable Installation - Check out this Company

Are you looking for a company to handle all of your cabling installation needs?  Well, that means that you might want to look at Mason Technologies.  This is a national cabling company that performs large cabling installations in an entire building.  They can handle any cabling job that you need.  They have the ability to install all the network data cabling, telephone voice for thousands of location, almost anywhere you need.

Primarily they are focused on business companies who want a cable install in an entire building on multiple floors. So if you have a company, you may want to use them, because they claim to be one of  best in the united states.

This is a company that my business should have contacted when there was a concern about rewiring all of our buildings with data cabling and a possible fiber optic installation.  This could have easily been the cable contractor that we should have used for the best installation possible.  Using this company might have alleviated the fact that it became obvious that the individual that we had used for smaller installations had taken a job that was entirely over his head.  However, we got through, but it gave us the knowledge that we should stick with experts when we want a professional job completed in a timely manner.

So if you are needing a new cable install job.  You now have another option that you know about.

My thoughts for now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ryan Mallett for Heisman?

  • I believe that it is 22 days until Arkansas Razorback football will kickoff.
  •  I believe it is at that time that Ryan Mallett will start his Heisman run.
  • I believe that Bobby Petrino is the coach to get the Razorbacks to the next level.
  • I believe that Alex Tejada is the best kicker in the world.
  • I believe that ticket prices are too high. I believe that more people will be watching Razorback =- the hogs on Television rather than being set in the seats. 
  • I believe the Razorbacks will go 14 -0. I believe the hogs will win the national championship.
  • I believe that I might be crazy.
  • Lets see.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TutorVista - Tutor Me!

Who is it that might need  Math homework help

Who can be helped by  Free math help or . Free homework help ?

My guess is just about anyone and especially anyone who is in Kindergarten through 12th grade in school.  I know when I was in those grades it was often difficult to do math and I was always needing someone to help me to  Solve math problems.  When I was in high school I also took a self directed calculus course and before I knew it I was looking for help to do the serious  Calculus problems.  These problems were such things as completing and  Factoring polynomials.

Well if I had has someone like TutorVista to help with this type of thing I would have been in good shape.  Who is this that I speak of.  Well, TutorVista is said to be  the leading online tutoring company anywhere in the world. This site offers an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package.   They say that for only $99.99 a month they can offer tutoring for all subjects.   This is something that most students can use and their service can be used as much as they want, whenever they need it. 

What can be better than having tutoring which is available 24X7. They provide a free demo for first time user where they can try the service for free.   How good is that.

This is my thoughts on tutoring for now.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Class Reunion

I went to my 40th class reunion this past weekend. I had a great time and found that it was fun to renew old friends.
I graduated from class of 52 and 33 showed up at the reunion. 7 of class have passed. This is not bad of a response for this class. I believe most of this was due to social site Facebook which gave the class a chance to see many pictures and see the schedule and timing of everything prior to the big show.
I found that most of the folks had gotten older than I feel but probably not older than I look.
One class member put together a 2 disc set of music from billboard hits of our high school years. Lots of songs. I found myself singing along today to 14 verses of Alice's Restaurant.
A good time was had by all.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Arkansas Heat Wave.

Middle part of the United States is experiencing extreme heat. This blog originates from the great state of Arkansas and Arkansas is hot.

Imagine this. Your have a slow cooker outside that is heating at about 120 degrees with wet heat cooking your favorite meat very slowly. Imagine sticking your head in that cooker and leaving it there for any time. Slow, hot, wet heat.

That type of heat is what we are experience in Arkansas. The heat index outside because of 100 plus heat and excessive humidity is giving that type of feeling. It is easy to walk outside and feel like you are walking into a steam oven.

It appears that there is relief in sight. Thursday the temperature may go down to 98 degrees. Guess I need to get out a jacket.

Teach the Teacher with Oxford Medical

One of the best ways that I have seen when it comes to interactive learning is to teach something to a group of people and give them the tools to become a trainer.  This allows a network to go out and spread the knowledge exponentially.  

What do you call this.  Well, many call it a method such as teach the teacher   This method is becoming very popular in working in the medical field where they are giving this opportunity in a medical teaching course by Oxford Medical.
They are using teach the teacher course and medical teaching course for doctors  to get people in the medical field trained quickly and correctly and then use these sources to create more teachers and more teaching. 

This appears to me to be very effective in getting the information out and getting the training completed in a very innovative way.  It appears from the website that Oxford Medical is being very new and inviting in this method of teaching and training.
This could easily be something that might interest readers of this blog who are in the medical field or who are going into the medical field.  

Please give this a look and this is my thoughts for now.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mash and Arkansas

It is interesting the things that pop out sometimes that you never paid attention to on some of the re-runs of the old shows.

Example is that tonight with nothing being on television I was watching a 1982 episode. All of a sudden it caught my attention that they were discussing a kid that lived in Arkansas and more particularly in Jacksonport.

They then discussed fly fishing on the White River.

Thought that was interesting.

My thoughts for now.