Saturday, August 21, 2010

Remote Computer Access - with Proxy Pro 7

 PC Remote Access is something that fascinates me.  Several years ago before the advancement of this type of access, I had many opportunities in my work environment to lead someone by phone to fix a problem on their computer or to load a new program.  This was often difficult when the person on the other end was someone that could barely turn the computer on.  However, the job was done.

Well, today with such a software such as Proxy Pro 7 a technical person can pretty much take over instant access of any computer that is involved and complete the tasks needed on that computer just as if you were working on that individual computer.  How great it would have been to have this type of program in the example given above.  I could have simply told the person to back away and with  this program I could have fixed registry problems or any other problems that might need to be explored and repaired. 

This type of program appears to be just what is needed for such things as Help desk services that are trying to service their users whether they are at a remote office, on the road or working from home.  This also could be used for collaboration and real time sharing on specific projects.

It just seems to be something that is very important for IT managers to explore and be familiar with because it could easily make them a hero in the company by the money that might be saved by remote support rather than having to go out and spend company money to get on site.

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