Sunday, August 29, 2010


What does The Chronicle say about getting an education.  What is the Chronicle you ask?  It is simply put The Chronicle of Higher Education.  It appears to be a great online source which gives great information and sources to know everything that you need to know or find about a greater education.  The current issue gives job information, career talk, education news and much, much more.  It appears to tell it like it is.  Must be good.

I wonder if it says anything about different universities and there abilities along with strengths and weaknesses.  Maybe they have something in there about Walden University and how it fits into the scheme of getting a good education.  My guess is that it will be in there with a great rating.   

Another site that is always important when you are looking at Education is the government education department.  It can be very helpful in creating and monitoring the scholarship methods and needs.  It is the overall fail safe which is responsible for oversight of the whole thing.  They are the ones responsible to make sure that the whole higher education system is right and honorable.  

So, the sum of it all is that education is important along with the fact that there are excellent Universities out there to get this education and there are also great resources to check it all out.

These are my thoughts for now.

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