Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teach the Teacher with Oxford Medical

One of the best ways that I have seen when it comes to interactive learning is to teach something to a group of people and give them the tools to become a trainer.  This allows a network to go out and spread the knowledge exponentially.  

What do you call this.  Well, many call it a method such as teach the teacher   This method is becoming very popular in working in the medical field where they are giving this opportunity in a medical teaching course by Oxford Medical.
They are using teach the teacher course and medical teaching course for doctors  to get people in the medical field trained quickly and correctly and then use these sources to create more teachers and more teaching. 

This appears to me to be very effective in getting the information out and getting the training completed in a very innovative way.  It appears from the website that Oxford Medical is being very new and inviting in this method of teaching and training.
This could easily be something that might interest readers of this blog who are in the medical field or who are going into the medical field.  

Please give this a look and this is my thoughts for now.

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