Friday, August 13, 2010

Ryan Mallett for Heisman?

  • I believe that it is 22 days until Arkansas Razorback football will kickoff.
  •  I believe it is at that time that Ryan Mallett will start his Heisman run.
  • I believe that Bobby Petrino is the coach to get the Razorbacks to the next level.
  • I believe that Alex Tejada is the best kicker in the world.
  • I believe that ticket prices are too high. I believe that more people will be watching Razorback =- the hogs on Television rather than being set in the seats. 
  • I believe the Razorbacks will go 14 -0. I believe the hogs will win the national championship.
  • I believe that I might be crazy.
  • Lets see.

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