Monday, August 16, 2010

Cable Installation - Check out this Company

Are you looking for a company to handle all of your cabling installation needs?  Well, that means that you might want to look at Mason Technologies.  This is a national cabling company that performs large cabling installations in an entire building.  They can handle any cabling job that you need.  They have the ability to install all the network data cabling, telephone voice for thousands of location, almost anywhere you need.

Primarily they are focused on business companies who want a cable install in an entire building on multiple floors. So if you have a company, you may want to use them, because they claim to be one of  best in the united states.

This is a company that my business should have contacted when there was a concern about rewiring all of our buildings with data cabling and a possible fiber optic installation.  This could have easily been the cable contractor that we should have used for the best installation possible.  Using this company might have alleviated the fact that it became obvious that the individual that we had used for smaller installations had taken a job that was entirely over his head.  However, we got through, but it gave us the knowledge that we should stick with experts when we want a professional job completed in a timely manner.

So if you are needing a new cable install job.  You now have another option that you know about.

My thoughts for now.

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