Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day in Arkansas

Turkey day is here. Have the Privilege of having a good meal out that is going to be served with neither me or the kinfolks having to fix or clean up. This place is a retirement type place where kin live here. Chef is good and food is good.

Saturday get to have the kids over and have family Thanksgiving. More work - Deep frying turkey - cleaning up - but rewards are great.

Thankful for family and friends.

We forget how blessed we really are!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SSN LocatorTrace and Verify SS #'s

Trace Social Security Numbers so that you can check out future employees or maybe even check to make sure that yours is not being used by someone else.

Yes, you can trace and verify social security numbers with this easy to use tool. Yes this will help Employers screen potential employees from using fraudulent numbers. Yes this will allow you to trace to verify that your identity is still secure.

What more could a person need in this realm.

Check it out and find out what it is all about.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Next Year!

Well, Arkansas fans there is always next year - no bowl game this year. Come on Bobby Petrino lets get it going.

By the Way Houston - Where is your problem?

A bewildered Arkansas Fan!

By the way in an NFL game today with two Arkansas Razorbacks playing - How many touchdowns were scored by these two and who were they?

Give me the answer and and I will give you a virtual dime - won't by the same cup of coffee that a real dime won't.

Did that make sense.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Arkansans Unite - Help Provide Christmas for Payatas!

The people of Arkansas are a generous people who live in a beautiful and wonderful state. The people of Arkansas have had many natural disasters over the past couple of years and people have always come to the rescue to help.

Now it is time again that Arkansans can help a great cause. The cause is Christmas For Payatas.

Join many others in helping those children who are desperately in need. This need is an area in the Philippines better known as The landfill in Payatas. It is notoriously known the world over as Smokey Mountain. For over 35 years, the smoking dump site has grown to become a stark and heart-tugging reminder of the desperate conditions of humanity.

Everyday children scavenge through newly arrived trash to find something to sell. The earnings are small and not enough to even buy food for the day.

In 2000 heavy rains caused a mudslide at the dump and took many lives.

Give it up now - think about your children. Can this be helped? Yes! Donate to this cause and relief can be just a little closer for these children.

Join this charitable cause along with many celebrity contributors from the sports and entertainment world.

View the video about this deploring situation!

Do or Die for Razorbacks!

The old cliche holds true today for the Arkansas Razorbacks. They play Mississippi State today in a game that must be one if they plan to keep their bowl possibilities alive. Of course if they win this one they still have to Beat LSU to get bowl eligible.

Beating Mississippi State should not be that hard for a decent team, but I am not sure today that Arkansas is yet a decent team. They have questions this week as to whether Casey Dick or Nathan Dick will start at quarterback. The coach says he would not disclose until they had left Fayetville so the players could not talk to the media about it.

The next game LSU is always a tough one. However, they are not that good this year and can be taken. We will see today!

Go Hogs

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

University of Central Arkansas - Bears

Funny Story heard today. Don't know if it is fact or fiction.

The UCA quarterback is Nathan Brown. He is an excellent quarterback and has put up some impressive numbers this year as the Bears look to win a Conference Championship that they can't be acknowledged for because they are still a provisional member of Division 1 Football.

Story is that there is a UPS truck sitting near the end of the field with the logo on it "What Can Brown Do for You!" at each home game.

Pretty cool if true. If not maybe it should happen!

DegreeHound’s School Search Wizard

If your career is going nowhere it may be time to check out the possibility of an online degree.

Yes, this could be a great possibility to look at if you are ready to get a better salary or maybe to increase the level of your education. All of this can be looked at seriously on

In the bleak economic times that we are in it only makes sense to review sites like this and what they have to offer to see if it is right for you to move forward in degree and career opportunities. This site gives you the chance in an easy and straight-forward manner of checking out what degree or path might be best for you in your specific situation.

This site has something for just about everyone. It has many career opportunities along with many studies that might be in an area of your longtime interest.

Some of the areas that it covers are Business School, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Education & Teaching, Engineering, Healthcare, Hospitality Management, Human Services, Legal & Paralegal, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Political Science, Religious Studies, Science & Math and Technology.

Do you see what I mean. There is something here for everyone!

All I can say if you are looking for something interesting, a career change, a greater salary or just longing to learn more in a special interest area, you should check this out.

Stobys - Conway

Ok! I just posted a review about where I ate at tonight. Well, I shouldn't admit this but this morning my wife was going in late to work and talked me into doing the same. We took the extra time to eat out at breakfast, something we rarely do.

We chose Stobys restaurant which is a little hole in the wall sandwich shop. They have one of the best breakfasts going. Again, a little pricey but very good.

Biscuits and Gravy for the wife. Eggs over easy, hash browns, biscuit gravy and jelly for me. Very good.

8 out of 10 Stars.

Fish House - Conway

OK! You might wonder if we ever eat at home. Well we do sometimes, but when there are just two of us and we are very compatible on what we like, it is just easier to eat out. Besides this way I don't have to do the dishes. Also, we split dishes many times and get out pretty light.

Tonight we ate at the Fish House. This is a regular couple of times a month sort of thing. Good fried fish, great hush puppies and soft serve ice cream.

We both got the child's portion fish tonight with a baked potato and had plenty to eat. Not sure how one piece of fish and a baked potato fill me up but it does after eating some of the best hush puppies ever.

Well, the only thing is that it is a little pricey but it is really good.

This place gets an 8 out of 10 stars on the rating scale.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Exotic Fish from Reef Hot Spot

I have never really taken an interest in aquariums or fish in bowls but I have recently taken an interest in scuba diving. This has allowed me to see some interesting fish and after seeing these in the wild I am thinking that it might be neat to have them at home.

Can you imagine each day getting to feed and look at your own Annularis Angel fish or maybe a
Black Cap Jawfish. There is nothing more beautiful than this type of fish. The colors are awesome and their activities are interesting to watch.

Or maybe it is a Blue Spot Jawfish that you might want. This along with the other fish mentioned and many more can be found at

From this site you can get fish, live coral, live rock and lots of information. So if you are like me and long to be in the deep and see the fish life but can't get there, then this site is for you.

Or if you are just the enthusiast who loves fish in a tank then this site is for you too. This site has everything that you might need in the area of saltwater fish aquariums or the needs thereof.

Check it out you will find what you want!

Restaurant Reviews

Razorbacks - this Week

Well the hogs have a chance of "Winning" one this week. They play Mississippi State who is worse than the Hogs are. The optimist in me says - Next year and the next year are going to be good. I really do believe that Bobby Petrino is on the right track and is bringing glory back to the Hogs.

He is no rah - rah person - just a "get er done" person.

Go Hogs!

Faby's Mexican Restaurant - Conway

As a part of my blog about Arkansas I try to write a review on restaurants that we eat at. I forget to follow up on this as we eat at several local and others as we move around the state.

One of the restaurants that I consider a hidden diamond is Faby's. They call it Mexican and International cuisine but it is basically a Mexican Restaurant.

The thing about this place is that they actually give you too much food. For Example the wife and I ate their this evening she had an "enchilada al carbon" ala carte. I had the special which was "Taco Locos"

The wifes was a large enchilada with a roast type meat and good sauce over it.

Mine was two large flour tortillas rolled and stuffed with Beef, chicken and shrimp fajita meat along with peppers and onions. Seasoned to perfection. It also came with rice and beans along with guacomole on the plate and a small white cheese dip.

This was enough to fill up two people in itself. However, they also bring you the regular chips and hotsauce - their's is unique - and then they bring you out a small cup of the soup of the day. Sometimes bean, sometimes tortilla, sometimes green enchilada soup but always good soup.

Oh yes when you finish they bring out a small piece of the dessert of the day.

The only thing that could be better is if you chose the soup and dessert. However, it is what they have and is always good.

Almost forgot to mention that their home made tortillas are to die for!

We did all of this with drinks for less than $14.00 total.

A Bargain in itself. - Now excuse me while I stretch out in the recliner - Man I am full.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Freedom Debt Relief

Debt Relief - is there really such a thing. We all seem to have a tendency to get ourselves into debt but can never really conquer the idea of relieving that debt. Well, there is a claim to help this problem. Here it is -

They say that their "Debt Reduction Program" Is something that is an innovative solution. They say that Consumers struggling with large debts and those who need relief form that debt can surely benefit from their program.

How do they do this you might ask? Well they say that they use debt negotiation and their goal is to greatly decrease your debt level. They say that they would like to save you money and do it in the shortest amount of time possible. They would like to help you get debt free!

Their program seems to be more than just simple Consumer Credit Counseling. Their goal is to protect you from the major impact of filing bankruptcy. They believe that they have the best solution for most of the consumers that have debt problems.

So as stated in the beginning if you are serious about needing and wanting Debt Relief then you need to contact these people. Their contact information is on the site and this information may possibly be your start of a new future in managing your debts.

That is my thoughts on the subject.

Arkansas Razorbacks - Basketball - Football?

Well Football is winding down only a few more games to go and the Hogs probably will not be bowl eligible at the end. Oh Well! There is always next year.

So what about Hog basketball? Only two players with SEC experience on the team and the first game is tonight. But they say the Pelphry has some really good talent. A new point guard that is supposed to be real good is now on the team. There is also a couple of great shooters and a big man.

Only time will tell. Go Hogs!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beautiful Lawn All Year - Yes!

I have always thought that it would be great to have synthetic grass. Yes, I am talking about a lawn that you don't have to mow all of the time. You know - an artificial lawn.

If I had a synthetic lawn I would have a great look that would please the wife and please me as well. No more edging, weed eating or just plain working in the yard. How great would that be. Yes, I would have more time to be on the golf course. Or maybe I could just put a putting green also.

Well, simply put, FieldTurf™ is the best synthetic turf on the market. It is supposed to be the closest alternative to natural grass landscaping that exists. EasyTurf, the provider of FieldTurf for Southern California, is the ONLY synthetic grass choice for your home or business.

Here is what they say about it-----

* Most Realistic Turf Available
* Long Life Expectancy
* Pays For Itself In Water & Maintenance Savings
* Great For Pets
* Environmentally Friendly
* Drains Better Than Real Grass
* Professional Service With An Unrivaled Warranty

Again, how great would all of that be. Less work, consistent look and an appealing landscape that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Life can't get any better than this. Everyone should check this out. All of the features are on their web site. Just follow the links.

That is my thoughts for now.

Conway First Graders Make Music Video

Dustin Smith and his first-grade class at Woodrow Cummins Elementary School in Conway Arkansas is one of the finalists to win a $25,000 technology makeover through an eInstruction Video Competition.

Their entry titled "Click It" is based on the 1980's tune "Whip It"

This is a great video and if everyone will log in and vote they can win this contest.

Check it out by clicking here on

Willy has voted - you should too!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Autumn in Arkansas

If you want real evidence that Arkansas is a great place to live you simply would have had to take a drive down one of the roads that led you through the beautiful trees changing to fall colors in Arkansas. Sometimes it lasts only a brief time but it is beautiful.