Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beautiful Lawn All Year - Yes!

I have always thought that it would be great to have synthetic grass. Yes, I am talking about a lawn that you don't have to mow all of the time. You know - an artificial lawn.

If I had a synthetic lawn I would have a great look that would please the wife and please me as well. No more edging, weed eating or just plain working in the yard. How great would that be. Yes, I would have more time to be on the golf course. Or maybe I could just put a putting green also.

Well, simply put, FieldTurf™ is the best synthetic turf on the market. It is supposed to be the closest alternative to natural grass landscaping that exists. EasyTurf, the provider of FieldTurf for Southern California, is the ONLY synthetic grass choice for your home or business.

Here is what they say about it-----

* Most Realistic Turf Available
* Long Life Expectancy
* Pays For Itself In Water & Maintenance Savings
* Great For Pets
* Environmentally Friendly
* Drains Better Than Real Grass
* Professional Service With An Unrivaled Warranty

Again, how great would all of that be. Less work, consistent look and an appealing landscape that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Life can't get any better than this. Everyone should check this out. All of the features are on their web site. Just follow the links.

That is my thoughts for now.


MotherPie said...

zeriscape. it is just as little work once you get it in place.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of installers artificial turfs in San Diego today, and San Diego Residents should be more open about different choices. You can check out their website to see if they will be fitted to your requirements.