Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's always time to say "I love you"

Have you heard of the Casio gshock watch. These are great looking watches that are very stylish and very practical in today's active life style. This looks like a watch that I might want to have for when I am Scuba Diving. More inspection is necessary to check that out.

That would be a great idea. Valentine's Day is coming and I could get my wife a lovely watch from BlueDial and then could certainly hint that it would be great if she were to get me a selection from the Casio gshock selection. Do you think that this idea might work?

I could tell her that this would be great for us to exchange lovely watches on Valentine's Day during our 31st year together. I could tell her how much she means to me as the mother of our lovely grown daughter. I could let her know that she is greatly appreciated all of these years as she has taken care of me and given me great support.

Does it sound like it is working? Maybe she will read this post and know that the watch I want is pictured here.

We can exchange watches, save money because it's always time to day "I love you"


Anonymous said...

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