Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Got Lemon - Get Lawyer

Have you ever had a lemon in a vehicle. The best way to make lemonade out of that is to know about the Lemon Laws by state. The best way then is to move forward by getting answers to your Lemon Law questions.

I had a lemon of a car once. Took transmission back to the shop three times they could find nothing wrong to fix the problem. Well, the transmission went out three weeks out of warranty.
I had it fixed and later asked them about paying for it. Got now where.

I finally went on a letter writing campaign to the car manufacturer. Wished I would have had help in that. I know if I lived in California at that time the best thing I could have done is to go to
get help with someone who specializes in California Lemon Law cases.

So the answer is if you have a lemon in a car, don't set up shop on the side of the road using the trunk as a lemonade stand. No, what you should do is to get you that Lemon Lawyer that can get some attention for your problem. Your problem is important to them and they will get attention!

Don't sweat the small stuff and they will make this small stuff for you and big stuff for the people causing the problem. Get the help you need.

That is my thoughts for now!

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