Monday, February 9, 2009

Happiness Awaits in Quechee Lakes!

Quechee Real Estate
Quechee Real Estate
is probably the site you want to explore if you are like I am and nearing retirement. Yes, I would like to retire in a few years and after exploring the Vermont area last fall I am believing that a place like this would be a place to retire to or at least have a second home to go to several times a year.

After exploring out the site I find that Quechee Lakes is Vermont’s premier second home destination. It is located only minutes from the great places such as Dartmouth, Hanover, and Woodstock. It is also just a short 2 hour drive from Boston; 3 hours from Montreal and 4h from NY. You see it is close to lots of great places.

I find also that it offers 4 seasons of activities and recreation.

This is what I find so attractive to the area is the fact that regardless of which season I decide to visit - there is something exciting to do.

Here are some of the many things that I find appealing:

- Tennis, squash, swimming, private lake access, family ski hill, cross country skiing and snowboarding, hiking and biking trails.

- 2 award-winning 18-hole golf courses. - (I really like this.)

- 8 Million dollar club house, with fitness center and fine dining, available only for owners of Quechee Lakes real estate.

- Centered between 6 major ski areas including Killington, Mt. Sunapee and Suicide 6.

- Lots of amenities, social activities and recreation for every member of your family, including horseback riding, polo, antiquing, shopping and plenty more.

What more could one ask for in retirement or just a second home. This could be a place that would meet all of your needs and give you that level of living that everyone could enjoy.

Is this for you? Is this for me? I am certainly going to look into it and would suggest that others do the same.

Great living for the future. That is what it is all about!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds pretty nifty. I live in Boston and am looking for somewhere to get a second home. I kept thinking that Vermont is just forest but this place looks pretty modern and cozy at the same time. I am taking a vacation and I just looked at the website - They seem to have everything in order. If this vacation to Vermont (where I will happily look into this) goes well, I might be the proud new owner of a Vermont Cabin. Thanks, blogger.