Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hogs Lose

Rain Delay kept the hogs game from getting started on time. The Hogs were behind in the 8th inning.

What is the matter with the Umpire. He is making some bad calls against the Hogs. Everyone knows that the close calls are supposed to go to the Hogs. Hogs score a home run to tie up the game in the 8th.

The ninth inning comes and the Gators get a man on second. A fly ball is hit and the outfielder throws to home plate. The runner tries to slide around the catcher and misses the base. The runner turns around to touch the base with his hand and it appears that the catcher gets the tag prior to the runner hitting the bag. Umpire yells - YOUR OUT!

Hogs coach heads to the mound to argue and the umpire simply leaves the field quickly. Game over.

Hogs Lose series 2-1

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