Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crowd Control done Right.

There are many places and businesses that have need for crowd control.  Most people think of this as having something to do with an out of control crowd or a police action.  However, this is simply considering the fact that there are many places that could use stanchions to keep people in a line or in order.  Some of the places where this would work could be a bank, concerts, political events or even at the grocery store and anywhere that someone needs to have an orderly line.

Yes, stanchions are a standard way to do this.  There are retractable belts, velvet rope and many other ways of creating lanes or barricades to direct or keep crowds moving in the right direction or in the right place.  Barricades can also be considered for traffic control, security and privacy.  Barricades can be fences, traffic cones, pipe walls or even drape walls. 

So with this new thoughts about crowd control, you may even decide that it is something that you or your company may have a need for.  What do you think.  Do you have any needs for this.  If so you know how to search online to find what you need. 

These are my thoughts for now.

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