Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Washington State Park - Have you been there?

History of the Park

Washington, Arkansas was founded in 1824 on the legendary Southwest Trail that connected St. Louis, Missouri, to the nearby Fulton Landing on the Red River. This route was one of the eight major trails that pioneers traveled on their way to Texas and the Great Southwest. Washington was a thriving community and a major service center for area farmers and plantation owners. Washington was the cultural, political and economic center of Southwest Arkansas

Historic structures open for touring include the:
Crouch House (c. 1857)
Hempstead County Courthouse (c. 1836)
Printing Museum (c. 1915)
Purdom House (c, 1850)
Trimble House (c. 1847)
Clardy Kitchen (c. 1860)
Monroe House (c. 1855)
Block-Catts House (c. 1832)
Sanders Farmstead (c. 1849)
Candle Shop
B. W. Edwards Weapons Museum (c. 1925 Old Bank Building)
Royston House (c. 1845)
Blacksmith Shop (1960 reconstruction)
Tavern Inn Kitchen (1960 reconstruction)
Royston Log House (c. 1835)     

 This is one that everyone should see.  

Just a little more about the history of Arkansas.

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