Sunday, August 7, 2011

Roommates are Awful

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Honestly, I was just sick and tired of living with roommates…I was too old for it and the girls I was living with were absolutely driving me crazy! I wished for the longest time I could afford to move out and get a place of my own but that wasn’t really an option until last year when my uncle passed and left me some money. I found a great little townhome and snapped it up immediately – I couldn’t wait to live alone! I had it all decked out with security features like a Http:// alarm and new deadbolts for the doors and I even had someone come in and put in crown molding so I could get better resale value out of the house. I love living by myself and not having to clean up after anyone or babysit and hope I can continue this forever without having to find a roommate to help me pay the mortgage! Living by myself was totally, one hundred percent worth it.

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