Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cash4Gold - Wants U S to sell the federal gold reserves

Will the United States sell the federal gold reserves? Who knows but to know the rest of the story everyone should read the news as it broke in this press release recently. At that press release the world was informed that the United States may be looking at selling its gold reserve to help the economic problems of the country.

After that press conference Cash4Gold, America's #1 buyer of precious metals direct from the general public, announced an offer to purchase the U.S. national gold reserve for $240 billion! How wild is that the treasury said that they felt the intrinsic value of the gold reserves was worth about $2oo million. Then comes the offer for $240 million. Of course the value the government put on the gold is the simple market price for gold times the number of ounces of gold in inventory.

Cash4Gold sounds like they know how to make money from this. Just imagine that they take the gold and put artistic value to the gold and - wow - it is worth a ton of money. Sounds like they know how to do what can be done with gold.

What is even more interesting is that right now for a limited time they are offering to buy individual's gold for 20% added if received before the 4th. Not much time left. You must hurry! I am sure you have that unused gold just waiting to turn into cash.

Get in on the deal as quick as you can. Everyone is doing it. It is hot as fire.

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