Monday, July 27, 2009

Lobo Landing resort - Excellent place

It is always fun to find a quick retreat from real life that is close to home. That is what I found recently in a Family outing to the Little Red River just outside of Heber Springs.

I found a cabin at Lobo Landing Resort and chose to stay in a cabin with river front view. The cabin is up and off the river but the river is accessible by just walking down a slope to the river.

I had no clue about the fishing but my son-in-law and daughter love to fish and got into it really well. Son-in-law did some fly fishing and wading. I waded and fished with rod and reel first evening.

Second day we took a boat out for half a day and really enjoyed the river. Son-in-law caught three and the rest of us caught none. Is he lucky or is he good.

Later that night he caught two more from the dock.

All of this is to say that Lobo Landing is a great get away for a short trip from the realty of life. I will be going back soon.

Nothing better than a cool fog on the River - even at midday in July.

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