Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friends from Texas

Friends from Texas came through this week on the way to moving a child to Vanderbilt for college. It is always amazing to visit with friends and family and rekindle old memories.

It also still amazes me as to the comments that I hear about Arkansas. The comments are always to the idea of how pretty the state is. These comments came this last week as they had traveled up from Texarkana to Little Rock.

My comments about that is that they did not see the really pretty part of the state. The real beauty is in the Ozarks, the rivers, the lakes, the hills of north and north central Arkansas.

Arkansas has great beauty that many have never seen.

The last part of that is the experience that I had last week visiting Mt Magazine.

That is a beautiful lodge in a beautiful setting. About as nice as anything I have seen.

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