Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Springs and Gangsters!

We recently spent a couple of days in Hot Springs Arkansas. The Wife and I decided that they wanted to see the much talked about Gangster Museum.

Well the only real gangster part of this ordeal was the fact that they robbed us out of about $18 to get in. The whole thing if done right could have been pretty interesting. However, we were led through four of five rooms with pictures in them - all pictures that can be found on the internet and downloaded for free. In each room a lady would tell us about the pictures on the wall along with asking people to move so people could see the pictures. For you see they had about twice as many people in the small room as there should be.

Next after telling the group about the pictures on the wall, she would punch up a video on a small screen on the wall and someone else would come on and go through much the same things that we had just been told. - I am a little slow but I figured out by the first room who the real gangsters were.

Well, the wife I made it through this and did gain a few interesting facts - but not many.

Then we went down to the new gaming room at Oaklawn race track and let some gangsters rob us of some more money. HOWEVER THIS TIME AT LEAST WE ENJOYED WORKING WITH THE GANGSTERS!

See Hot springs Arkansas!

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