Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get a Howard Miller Clock!

My daughter while growing up had a great affinity for sports. That would lead me to the fact that a sports type clock would be very interesting to fit into her pattern of things that she might like.

With that in mind a look at the howard miller clocks website gave the idea to possibly purchase a Texas A&M clock since that is my Alma Mater.

She would get a kick out of that and it would really be a conversation piece since we now live in Arkansas Razorback country and her friends are all Razorback fans.   Sounds like a unique idea doesn't it.  Well, if that does not fit what she might want since she is married with her own home now I guess I could consider getting her a traditional Grandfather Clock or something else more traditional.

I do know that if I do decide to purchase a clock for her or anyone else.  It will come from Howard Miller Clocks. They are a leader in the clock industry and have a great variety of clocks.

I also noticed while viewing their site that they have a blog with many interesting articles.  One of the interesting articles that caught my attention was one with some humor about  "Grandfather Clock Wedding Anniversary Present Gift"

So if you want to buy a clock, learn about clocks or read blog articles about clocks this is a great web site to visit.

Check it out.

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