Thursday, December 9, 2010

Search Local with

Do you find yourself doing what should be a great search just to see that the items that you find from your search has no pertinence to what you are looking for in your local search.  Does that make sense?

Well, if you have those issues trying to search and find local restaurants or other local businesses, then you might want to try out  It is a local search engine which is more than just an online local yellowpages. is a hybrid of the following sites -,,,

So what does this do for you when you are trying to do a local search.  Well, since it is partnered with all the above mentioned sites, can offer the idea of allowing users to visit 1 site to view the contest from all these sites. With this you get accurate driving directions, business contact information and hours.  It can also help you get reviews in aggregate of reviews from multiple sites.  What you are getting is  one stop searching for finding local businesses and services.

What can be better than this?

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