Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hogs, Clark, Pelphrey and Gas

What are the relationships between the Arkansas Razorbacks, Rotnei Clark, John Pelphrey and the Price of Gas.

Well, this could be a real puzzle.  The Hogs are very unpredictable.  The price of Gas is unpredictable.  One day it was 2.99 at Walmart the next day it was $3.25 then back down to 3.15.   The Hogs play great one day and beat Kentucky right after they play lousy and get beat by a poor team. 

As for as John Pelphrey - one game he is relaxed and non-demonstrative.  The next game he seems to be out of his gourd.  

Rotnei Clark - great three point shooter one game the next game he can't hit a three pointer but is inside shooting and even blocks a shot.

I just don't understand it all.   $ 65 to fill up with gas?

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