Friday, February 18, 2011

When Does the Big One Hit?

Magnitude - 2.4
Depth - 5km
Date - 18 FEB 2011 12:50:41
Location - Faulkner County, 3 miles NE from Greenbrier, AR

The above information is becoming something that I look at all too often here in Central Arkansas.  Twelve earthquakes have been recorded since midnight last night and seventeen the day before.  At least two of these quakes were 4.0 or over.  

The thing that worries me is that all of these are happening within about 2 miles of my office.  There are some that are directly west of my office and most are just to the northeast of my office.  This may mean that there is a crack in the earth somewhere down there that goes right under may office.

If the big one comes, will I go down?

That is the question.

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