Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

When I quit my 9-5 and opened this painting studio I had no idea it would be such a hit. I knew I loved art and working with people but I didn’t know that spending hours and hours looking into accounting and merchant services and vendor pricing would eventually turn into a full-time business that I absolutely loved. I wish at times there were moments for me to relax and just look in at all of this but I know that if I ever stopped the business wouldn’t keep up the momentum it has. I love being able to teach others about art and really share my gift of painting with them and as it turns out, it’s a pretty profitable business model, too. I think there’s something to be said for doing what you love and then waiting for the money to follow which is exactly what I’ve learned to do over the last few years. It’s all about being happy with the way you spend your life, you know?

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