Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crowd Control

It is that time of the year again when the summer time, fun time events take place that draws the great crowds in Arkansas and many other places around the world.  Yes, there is the need for crowd control at the wonderful water park that I will soon be taking the grand kids to.  It is there that they use  stanchions to keep the kids and the adults in the lines to get on the water slides and rides.   

Then there is the great plays at the local dinner theater that I like to attend.  These are a little more formal than the water park but there is still a need to keep the crowd moving smoothly as we wait to get into the theater to eat and then enjoy the great show.  Since it is a little more formal they now use the old red carpet feel and use a  velvet rope to keep us in line.  This makes me feel like the wait is ok since I am in a elegant atmosphere.

Then there is the lines as fall rolls around at the great local college and high school football games.  For some reason we all gather early to get the best seats and here we go again with the need for the crowd control.  You guessed it here there are things more like  barricades  rather than stanchions at the water park or the velvet rope at the dinner theater.  

With all of that you still get the idea that there are many ways to keep people in line and under control.   What way would you use to keep the lines moving and the people happy?

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