Thursday, November 25, 2010

Medical Interviews–Intensive training?

I am amazed at the great ideas that are developed daily.  We are a world that seems to be increasing our ideas and our abilities at an amazing speed.  Here is one of the ideas that I have seen lately that really makes sense.  The idea is a medical training company that is teaching doctors different and various skills for the competitive interviews process.
Yes, it appears that if someone in the medical field and need to master certain interview skills then the course is there.  They have a consultant interview course which is a one day intensive course that prepares a doctor for the intensive consultant interview.  They also have  similar medical management courses which helps a doctor discover his leadership and management skills as they pertain to the medical field.  This gives him great leadership and management framework that is necessary to succeed in this field. 
Another great thing that they have is called teach the teacher.  This is a 2 day comprehensive course that gives a doctor the skills, competency and certificate to train others in the skills that he has and that are necessary in the field.  This gives them the opportunity to do more than just practice medicine by giving them the opportunity to teach also.
So you see how amazing this idea and the possibilities that go with it.  All of this information is available and can be found on the web at a site labeled Oxford Medical
Doctors should check this out.

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