Thursday, November 18, 2010

Retargeting Advertising

Ok, here is my definition of retargeting.   A web surfer comes to my web site.  Web surfer leaves my site via links on my site.  On the other sites the web surfer sees ads for my site. Web surfer clicks those ads and returns to my site.  Way to go guys you have found a circle of interest.   What is great is that there are companies out there that are retargeting companies.   

Yes, there retargeting advertising   is becoming very popular and very important if you want to get your web site seen and advanced for the purposes designed. Here is what they say about this:  "Retargeting advertising, is defined by one primary behavior: the person receiving your retargeting advertising has already visited your site! This audience is especially interested in your product and services. This is your target market. Pre-qualified and pre-filtered"

The next question to ask is who is the best company out there doing this type of advertising?  Well, one that I have found is Recure Media.   Recrue Media is an online retargeting company.  Recrue Media's key to successful online retargeting advertising is the largest audience reach with a highly relevant message. With over 90% of US Internet users reached by Recrue Media, advertisers are assured the widest reach of websites for their banner ads. 

So, you need advertising maybe you need Recrue Media.

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