Monday, November 8, 2010

Sports and Athletes in Arkansas

Weekend sports in Arkansas had at least two major things that stand out.  There are probably more and those will get mentioned as they come to the mind of this great author.  However, here are the two that jump - out as this morning.

  1. Arkansas Razorbacks win big and move up to 14 in the polls.  The hogs beat South Carolina soundly and looked really good.  Here are two things that make this writer believe that they should be higher in the pole.
    1. Loss to Alabama - Arkansas led to last quarter - Alabama is still 12 in the polls
    2. Loss to Auburn - Arkansas led into the last quarter when a couple of mistakes got Arkansas beat.  Arkansas scored 40 plus points on what is now the number 2 team in the nation.
  2. Peyton Hillis - Conway boy - Arkansas Razorback - Cleveland brown - Running Great.
Arkansas is a great place to live.

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