Saturday, May 15, 2010

Buzz BQ

Arkansas is a great place this time or the year for festivals and events.  Some of these events are of a local nature and some are of a bigger area nature.   Many of these that are out there are really fun.  These are really fun if they are sponsored by what many consider the most entertaining radio station in Arkansas.

Yes, I am talking about 103.7 the buzz.  This station has personalities that are entertaining, controversial and just down right smart.  Tommy Smith, long time area person, is the smartest, most entertaining, and most knowledgeable person about Arkansas, music and other things that there is.  Then there is the, new to me, Roger Scott.  Much talent is embodied here with singing and conjoured up personalities.  Very good.  Then there is David Bazzle who is stuck on himself, obnoxious, and overly talkative. He has the knack to ask a question of a guest and then never of never letting the guest finish the answer.  David just likes to hear himself talk.

All of this aside, this station has the knack of sponsoring an event and making it work.  This weekend they are doing the BBQ contest for the 6th year.  It has grown. 

Maybe you should go down to the River in North Little Rock and check it out.  Will have a good time.

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