Friday, May 14, 2010

The Car Connection!

So you have one of those hot rod chevy  nova's or maybe even you drive around in a toyota rav4.
Then a site for you is the Car Connection.  This site is one of those that gives you all of the information that you need with their review of cars and the web.  They have what you want to know.

Lets say that you want to know something about that hummer h3 and you want to know it now.   Where do you go to other than the Car Connection.  Then you might even need to know about a unique little car that they call the wiki cars and you might just wonder exactly what these cars look like.  How do you find out more about these.

Well, something that you might find neat is that there is an "app for that".  Yes, there is an IPhone application that lets you research what you want to know on these cars.

All I can say is How Neat is That!

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