Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mesothelioma Cancer - Serious!

Many people do not know about Mesothelioma unless it has affected them or their family.  Therefore, most of these would know nothing about Surviving Mesothelioma or any of the facts about Mesothelioma Cancer.

Well, if it is something that you want to know more about or have a reason to learn about then there are resources that you need to know about.  Yes, there is an author by the name of  Paul Kraus who has  outlived his prognosis of 1 year.  He has written a very moving story about a person struggling to survive this thing known as  Mesothelioma Cancer.

What is great is the fact that this book costs nothing and is certainly something that should be read by anyone who is struggling with this disease.

It gives you the information that tells you what things that you may have been exposed to that may have caused you to be at risk for this cancer.  Some of the things that are mentioned in the book is the fact that the following things may have put you at risk.  These things are:

  •  Exposure to asbestos on an unlikely place such as a  navy ship
  • Exposure to asbestos by electricians, pipefitters, plumbers, boilermakers, and construction workers
  • Exposure  to auto mechanics, and in brakes of cars is one that surprised me.
Well, I believe you get the idea here that this can be a serious disease but there is information that can help you understand and fight this disease.  This may be information that is very important.

Check it out.

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