Friday, September 24, 2010

Tee Time in Myrtle Beach!

Arkansas is great and a beautiful place but this is where I live and work and hangout all year.  So what should I do to get away.  I think that I should go on a beach/golf vacation.  I like to golf, my wife likes the beach and we both like to travel.  So the search is on for that place to play golf and go beaching.

Myrtle Beach always comes up in this type of conversation.  Therefore, we do the likely thing these days and we go to the internet to find where we would like to go to play golf in Myrtle beach.  Well, the site that we found is

What did I find at this web site.  I found a great deal of information about  Myrtle Beach golf courses and how I could easily book any number of  Myrtle Beach golf packages.  What was even better about this site is how simply it made it to book my tee time and my accommodations at the same time.  Quick and easy and convenient is what I found this to be.  How great can it be to get to Myrtle Beach and get in on some great golf.  Lets go Now.

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