Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beach - Golf- Myrtle Beach - Avista Resort!

Golf and beach is a combination that sparks excitement in my household at least once a year.  That excitement comes when it is time to decide where to go on vacation.  Arkansas is a wonderful state and we do many mini vacations in the state.  However, when it comes time for the big vacation we began to look at beach and golf locations.

One of the locations that always comes to mind is of course resorts in Myrtle Beach because we both know that this would mean very likely that golf and beach would be close at hand. So therefore we start looking for an ideal Myrtle Beach hotel

Well, the search continues but one place that has certainly made the first cut and my likely be the place where many would want to stay is found at  This place looks like it would be great accommodations with great beach and great golf opportunities.  Again, with those two things a plus in our selection, this place would certainly be top of the list.

 So back to the final selection process for that great golf and beach vacation or is the search over.  Lets look at it one more time.  I believe the decision has been made.

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