Monday, June 28, 2010

Myrtle Beach Golf and a Place to Stay!

It is vacation time and Myrtle Beach is looking like a good place to go.  If I do not spend much time at the beach you can bet that I am going to spend more time at the golf course.   

Yes, I will be  looking for a place to play golf in Myrtle Beach and I have  found this site that lets you book your tee times and accommodations at the same time.   How can you beat that.  Two for one is always good.  What is that site you ask, especially if you are a big golfer also.  Well, the site is  and you can literally find great lodging and great golf all from the same web site.  

This is where I always ask myself the question, where can I get anything that is better than a round of golf at any of the great Myrtle Beach golf courses.   The next great thing is the ease and simplicity at which you can find Myrtle Beach golf packages by just going to one website.  Yes, I believe that I now have the knowledge and the right website so that I can immediately get hotel accommodations and golf outings in only a few minutes by knowing the best website available for this exact situation.

So whether it is golf or just relaxing you now know how to get the best reservations in a hurry and to play the golf that you want.  It is ok.

My thoughts for now.

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