Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grande Shores Ocean Resort - Vacation Time!

Ok, I spend a lot of time on this blog lately talking about vacation.  That is because the wife and I enjoy getting away from Arkansas, as beautiful as it is.  It appears that this year the real vacation may come past summer or maybe on into September.  That means that if I can't be there yet, I  can possibly feel better by writing about it.

So where do you think we might want to go and do.  Well, beach and golf people might certainly consider the beaches that have golf courses with them or close by.  Therefore, one of the places we might look to stay is always something such as a great Myrtle Beach hotel.   So, as intelligent as I am, I immediately start searching the internet and find sites such as

This could easily be found when searching for Myrtle Beach vacation deals.  Doing a search such as this I certainly found Grande Shores Ocean Resort.  This sounds like a great place to go and could certainly be our head quarters for the beach or golf.  Sounds like a vacation that makes both the wife and me happy.

How can you beat that.

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